Stickley Furniture

Stickley Furniture


Is Stickley furniture expensive?

Stickley is one of the most highly regarded furniture brands in America, and the prices are certainly reflective of their stature within the industry. However, the high quality of the furniture and its subsequent durability and collectability means that pieces purchased from the Stickley furniture store regularly grow in value. While this helps to justify the higher price tags, at Barn Furniture, we also sell furniture that incorporates many of the most prominent features of Stickley products at a fraction of the cost. For more information about the vast collection of Stickley-style furniture that we stock, email us at [email protected] or call 888 302 2276.

Is Stickley furniture high quality?

Absolutely. Stickley has a self-proclaimed philosophy of excellence and over 100 years of experience creating high-quality hardwood furniture and upholstery - each and every piece is created from only the finest materials and a great deal of dedication. Stickley mission furniture, in particular, has long had an important place in the history of design. These pieces are renowned for their excellence and are a major reason for the enthusiasm surrounding this revered company. Regardless of which style of Stickley furniture you prefer, you can be confident that, being the result of over a century as one of America’s premium furniture creators, any piece that you settle on will be of the highest quality.

What style is Stickley furniture?

Stickley furniture sticks closely to the Arts and Craft movement, a design style that we have specialized in for close to 60 years and which you can find in abundance at our Californian store. For more information on our vast in-stock inventory, which enables us to deliver to you immediately after purchase, give us a call on 888.302.2276. Much of our handcrafted Amish furniture closely follows many of the style features which make Stickley furniture so popular, while we also have a massive range of Cherry furniture and Hickory furniture. Alternatively, if you have a specific idea in mind for your next purchase, be it something that closely resembles the Stickley furniture style or not, we can also help to bring your own custom furniture to life.