Mission Furniture

Mission Furniture


What is mission style furniture?

Mission style furniture is defined by its tough yet stylish design. It’s famed for its vertical and horizontal lined woodwork, incredible joinery, and simplistic styling, with an emphasis on the grain of the wood for aesthetics. These elements work in harmony to create a mission furniture style that is equally eye-catching, timeless, and practical for any home.

We incorporate classic details from Charles and Henry Greene also known as Greene and Greene, Charles Rene Macintosh, Sam Maloof and Arthur Espenet Carpenter. We utilize and incorporate Cloud Lift and exposed Joinery. We use the finest Hardwoods to ensure decades of service ability in both simple and elegant details.

Mission furniture first became popular with homeowners looking to move away from the overly ornate excessiveness of the Victorian era. Due to the high standard of build quality and beautiful design, the mission furniture style has endured through to the modern-day as a hallmark of tradition and quality.

Mission furniture lends itself well to many areas of the home, including mission furniture for the bedroom, kitchen, living rooms, and mission style office furniture. Barn Furniture Mart’s mission oak furniture is also available in a variety of different furniture types and finishes, and we offer all of our furniture customized to your requirements. For more details, you can email us at [email protected] or call 888 302 2276.

What is the difference between craftsman and mission style?

Craftsman and mission furniture were both born from the arts and crafts furniture period after the industrial revolution. People were looking to break away from generically produced factory furniture, and so the craftsman and mission furniture style became very popular in many households.

It is true to say that there is little to differentiate between the mission style furniture and the craftsman style as they both utilize striking furniture pieces that balance woodworking, simplicity, and quality design. The major difference is the mission style’s use of vertical and horizontal woodworking as opposed to the craftsman’s style of bold paneling. To find out more about the differences in craftsman and mission style furniture call us today on 888 302 2276.

What wood is used in mission furniture?

When you think of mission furniture you will undoubtedly think of oak. However, Amish mission furniture is available in several different solid wood finishes, including oak, cherry wood, maple wood, hickory, black walnut lumber, quarter-sawn white oak, and elm.

If you’re thinking of mission style furniture for the bedroom or any other room in the house, please feel free to contact us at Barn Furniture Mart on 888 302 2276 or send an email to [email protected].