Custom Amish Made Furniture

Custom Amish Made Furniture

Since 1945, Barn Furniture has offered an extensive selection of high-quality wood, leather, and fabric options that can be mixed and matched to create custom-made Amish furniture. Whether you are looking for an inviting bedroom piece, a richly appointed Amish-made dining room set, or even an elegant kitchen cabinet, we can help you make an informed decision. You can rest assured that Barn Furniture offers the best quality at affordable prices. 

As Amish custom furniture makers, we focus on providing furniture that meets the unique needs of our customers. If you cannot find the perfect piece of furniture that resonates with you, we can make it for you. Why not work with us to create the piece of furniture that you’ve always dreamed of? Visit our store, email us, or call us on 888 302 2276 to discuss how we can help you today.


What are the two main styles of Amish furniture?

The two most prominent styles of Amish furniture are Shaker Amish furniture and Mission Amish furniture. Though both have several similarities, such as wood type and design philosophy, they are quite distinct.

Shaker Amish furniture

  • Curved, with round knobs and tapered legs
  • Tapering process makes this type lighter than others
  • Traditionally made from maple wood, though this can vary
  • Mainly used in bedroom and dining room furniture
  • Subtle design that showcases a timeless and elegant look
Mission Amish furniture
  • Straight angles, strong slats and legs
  • Heavier but more durable
  • Traditionally made from darker wood
  • Difficult to make, but easy to appreciate
  • Design that couples beautiful aesthetics with practicality
Can you buy furniture directly from Amish stores?

Yes — we take pride in the authenticity and quality of all our products. We build and display our Amish custom furniture in our store to get your desired product directly from us. If you’ve ever wondered “Can I find Amish custom furniture near me?” then you’ve found yourself in the right place.

Be sure to browse our broad selection of high-quality furniture for commercial and domestic use. If you have any questions regarding our range or wish to make a custom order, contact us today — we would be happy to pair you with furniture you’re guaranteed to love.

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