Why Remodeling Your Kitchen is a Good Idea

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The kitchen is often the “hub” of the home; it is where families enjoy meals and share the activities of the day.  When visitors come, this is the room where everyone “hangs out”, especially if there are snacks involved or you’re hosting a party.  You want your kitchen to reflect who you are, and you want it to be as beautiful as possible – but there are other reasons you may want to remodel your kitchen as well.

Increase the value of your home

One of the major reasons people remodel their kitchen is to increase the value of their homes.  The kitchen is the most important room in the house when prospective buyers are looking; even more than any other room, they want a kitchen that is not only beautiful but designed in a way that is efficient.

When looking at the kitchen, a buyer may look to see how close the dishwasher is located to the sink, or if the refrigerator is located in a convenient place.  Cabinets also make a difference, as they are perhaps the most expensive “decor” item in the kitchen.

Get the whole family involved

You may not even be thinking about selling your home, but if your kitchen does need an “update” – it would be a great way to get everyone in the family together on a fun project.

Remodeling your kitchen doesn’t necessarily mean replacing all of the cabinets and having new counter tops or flooring installed.  There are many things you can do yourself that will make your kitchen look as though it has been completely remodeled.

Paint the cabinets or give them a coat of stain; paint the walls and add wainscoting for richness and depth.  Put in a new porcelain or stainless steel sink – there are TONS of things you can do!

Just because your kitchen looks tired

The best reason of all to remodel your kitchen is because you want to; it’s beginning to look dated, and you’ve grown bored with the current decor.

Maybe your kitchen is now decorated in a traditional or elegant style, and you want something a bit more fun.  Transforming an elegant kitchen into one that is primitive or country is easy!  Change up the color scheme, trade out the accents and paint the cabinets.

An easy way to accomplish a country or cottage chic look in the kitchen is to paint the cabinets and then sand lightly around the edges to give them a worn or antique look.  Add accents that offer country appeal, such as sunflowers, roosters, iron skillets, rolling pins and tin signs.

Change the curtains to add further to the country decor theme.  You may want to use wood shutters, or a gingham fabric in a checked pattern.  A wrought iron hanging pot rack and bakers rack complete the look.

Painting the walls makes a huge difference in the atmosphere of the room.  With a country theme, warm colors such as muted reds, warm oranges and sunny yellows give the room cheer; in a French cafe or wine decor theme, gray, purple, burgundy and cream add a romantic, soft ambiance to the room.

As you can see, there are many great reasons to remodel your kitchen!  You can do it on a shoe-string budget, but the transformation to your kitchen will be phenomenal.

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