What to Keep in Mind When Using Patterns to Decorate

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Are you thinking about decorating your home in patterns?  This can be fun, but at the same time, too many patterns can be overwhelming.  There are several things to keep in mind when using different types of patterns in your decorating, whether you want to make a small room look bigger or taller, or want to liven up a bathroom with a great decorating theme.

There are many great tips and several different types of patterns that you can use to make the areas of your home look appealing!  Just keep these things in mind when deciding what you are going to do in various areas of your home.

Patterns can visually transform the size of a room

There are several different types of patterns, and some can even be used to make a room appear larger.  Geometric patterns are the best to use for accomplishing this; for example, use vertical patterns to make a room appear taller.  Are you decorating a girl’s room, and looking for a feminine touch? If so, then use floral patterns, they are great if used within the same color scheme.  If they aren’t used with the same color scheme, or used too much, then the look can be confused and overwhelming.  Another great one is the motif pattern, where a picture is used over and over again; this can be abstract or even have a theme, like nature or whatever you like to use.  For example, having frogs on the bathroom wall is a motif pattern.

Incorporating color with patterns

Now, to make sure you don’t just go crazy while using a certain pattern, there are three important tips to keep in mind.  While using coordinating patterns, try to keep the background colors the same.  For example, if gray is your background color, keep it as the background in various pieces.  Also, only use pattern in a small portion of the room.

If you have a black couch and the pillows are black and white zebra print, then make sure the pillows are the only item using a zebra print so it isn’t too much.  Or, use pattern for the wall, like wallpaper, while keeping the rest of the colors in the room subtle.  It is also a good idea to consider using both textured and plain fabric in the same room for a more unique, personal look.

Just keep in mind you don’t want to use too many large patterns in one room or it will overwhelm everything else.  Also, small patterns are effective when used in small rooms, because they work really well in rooms with a variety of surface angles.

Now we all can agree that patterns can be a very important part of a room, but it is up to you how you use it.   Just keep in mind that too many large patterns look not only confusing but unorganized; too few patterns can leave a room looking a bit on the drab side.  Keep these different ideas in mind while shopping around.

Do you want your small room to look more spacious?  If so, go with geometric patterns, like horizontal or vertical stripes to make your room look taller or wider.  Just don’t overdo it and the room will turn out great.  Have a great time, get creative and let your imagination run wild.

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