Wall Decorating Ideas to Spice Up Your Living Spaces

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Decorating the walls in your home can be a challenge.  Without something special, a large wall tends to look stark.  A room with blank walls lacks personality and depth.  If you’re having a hard time coming up with ideas on how to transform your boring walls in to colorful, artistic walls, these ideas will help.

Paint isn’t what it used to be

Long gone are the days when you used a brush and roller to paint the walls a single color such as cream or off-white.

Today, paint can create a multitude of looks from textured and rich to country cottage chic.  Whether your home is decorated in modern, Victorian, traditional or country decor, you can spice up the walls easily with a little paint and creativity.

Paint walls a base color which complements the decor of the room, then go back and use sea sponges dipped in another color and randomly splotch the walls.  Rag rolling and feather dusting are great for this technique as well.

There are also a variety of textured wallpapers available to you.  Just apply one to the walls and then give it a coat of paint after it dries.  Depending on your decorating theme, there are also faux finishes and metallic paints available.

Wallpaper dresses up a room

Wallpaper isn’t what you remember from decades ago; today’s varieties add texture, bold designs and plenty of color.

If you have a painted wall, simply add wallpaper to either the bottom or top section of the wall.  Bold stripes, geometric patterns and soft floral designs add color and appeal to the walls.  Choose your colors and patterns according to the decorating theme of the room.

Wainscoting adds old fashioned charm

Wainscoting is a method in which you simply apply strips of wood to the bottom portion of a wall.  Beadboard is another option you may want to consider.  Applying grooved strips of wood from baseboard up to the height of about 3 feet gives walls a comfortable, cozy look and appeal.

The great thing about beadboard or wainscoting is that you can have the wood stained, or paint it any color you like and even “wear” it a bit by sanding or whitewashing if you enjoy a worn, rustic look.

Wall accents

There is a lot more to decorating a beautiful wall than simply hanging a few pictures.  Colorful texture makes a room appear warm and inviting.

Consider richly textured tapestries, or even a large oriental or contemporary rug for the wall, depending on your decor.  A large swath of fabric hung from a wall using push pins also makes a bold and unique statement.  A large oval or square accent mirror surrounded by flowing fabric is unique and stunning.

If you’re artistic and creative consider painting murals on the walls of your home.  This is a technique that is especially charming in the kid’s bedrooms.  Stenciling is easy as well.  Use stencils around the top portion of a wall next to the ceiling or around chair rails as a beautiful accent.

Without the proper decor, walls can make a room look like a box.  Put some of these wall decorating ideas to use in your own home, and create rooms that are warm, appealing and filled with life.

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