Trends in Wall Coverings – It’s Not Your Grandmother’s Wallpaper!

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Decades ago, walls were sheet rock, paneling or wallpaper.  Today, there are so many more options when it comes to decorating your walls, which are essentially the backdrop of your entire decorating scheme.  Modern wall coverings run the gamut from hand-painted wallpaper to those that are richly embossed or even embellished with crystal details.

When it comes to walls, anything goes!  Here are a few of the current trends that will help get you up-to-date walls, and the know-how to make yours capture the attention of all who enter your home.

Solid walls equal boring

While off-white or cream colored walls used to be all the rage, it’s not so much the case today.  If you do decide to paint, give walls texture by applying one of the textured wallpaper products that are made for painting.  You might also want to try some of the texturing techniques such as sponging or rag rolling.

Plain, flat walls which sport hues of white or cream lack personality and depth.  Perhaps this look will come back around again in a few decades, but for now it’s a bit blasé.

Remember the old duck and bonnet wallpaper from two decades ago, where patterns for the walls were matched in an exacting science with coordinating borders?  Today, this is a decorating fashion faux pas.  Never try to match a border precisely to the paper; contrast patterns and colors for a striking, trendy look.

Think of today’s wall coverings as “fashion for the walls”

No longer are all wall coverings made of paper.  Many designers use fabric, grass cloth and even cork in designing wall coverings that are unique, richly textured and elegant.

If you were to go in search of up scale wall coverings, what you find will surprise you.  Hand embroidered and painted papers are the most popular trend; you may even find something for the walls bedazzled with glass beads.  Be aware that some of these wall coverings are a bit pricey, so you may want to think of imaginative ways to use them that won’t require covering 400 square feet of wall space; that could get expensive.

Use wall coverings in creative ways

It isn’t necessary to cover all four walls of a room from top to bottom with a matching wall paper.  In fact, it isn’t even recommended.  In the living room, consider using an exquisite pattern on a single wall.  You can find something for every decorating theme, even patterns which invoke silk scarves, vines and orchids.

In the bedroom, create your own unique headboard by cutting the right size of a wall covering and placing it on the wall directly where a headboard would normally go.  This not only looks distinctive, but adds a splash of color and pattern to the room.

Wallpaper isn’t necessarily just for the walls; think of covering your lamp shades, even placing an abstract or dramatic pattern on the wall as “wall art”.  Paper the wall behind a staircase to achieve a stunning look; the possibilities are endless!

Remember to prepare the walls first

Placing any wall covering on a damaged or uneven wall will not make it look better; in fact, it will likely make the problem even more pronounced.  Before installing any type of wall covering, make sure the wall is as flat and smooth as possible for the best results.

If you’re tired of those boring white walls, let your imagination run wild.  Today’s wall coverings are not for the faint of heart.  If you love bold, dramatic and daring, the most beautiful wall coverings ever are readily available.

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