Transforming a Small Living Room to One Big on Design

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Just because you have a small living room does not mean it needs to lack in personality or design.  A small living room can actually look twice its size if decorated correctly!  If your living room is closing in on you and it seems that you have to climb over things to get around, here are some ideas that will change it into a room you will truly love.

Don’t be afraid of color

While you will want to stay away from dark walls, using bold color can make a small room come to life.  Vibrant colors give a room personality and a brightness that actually makes the room look more spacious.

For the walls, stick with light colors or pastels since lighter shades tend to make the space look more open.  Choose accents in bright shades of yellow, mango, red or royal blue to add splashes of color throughout the room.

Re-arrange the furniture

If possible, try moving your living  furniture around at different angles.  Sometimes, just setting a sofa at a different angle or moving it to a different wall can make a difference in how spacious the room appears.

Try to avoid blocking the walking paths; this will only make the room look smaller.  Also, choose furniture that is built on a smaller scale such as you find with modern or contemporary furnishings.  A sleek, low profile sofa doesn’t take up as much space as bulky, over-sized furniture.

Open up the windows

If you currently use dark colored curtains or draperies, consider making a switch to sheers, light colored fabrics or simple white mini-blinds.  Dark curtains block out the natural light, making the room appear even smaller.

Don’t have as many windows as you would like? Make some!  Hang an old window on the wall, frame it with curtains and you will be amazed at how it seems to open up the room.

Placing a large mirror on the wall directly opposite a window will also make the room appear larger and brighter, as the mirror will reflect the light from the window.

Choose eye-catching patterns

When it comes to throws, decorative pillows and other accents, bold patterns in bright colors make the room “pop”.  Rugs, wall hangings and other elements containing bold stripes and abstract patterns liven up the room giving it an interesting and eye-catching appeal.

Bright, bold colors are perfect for use in smaller rooms; what you want to avoid is using an over-abundance of dark browns, black or deep colors in furnishings, walls and flooring.

Another tip to make your living room look larger is to avoid clutter.  Too many small accents sitting on top of tables or shelves only serve to make the room look smaller.  What you want to accomplish is a look that is clean, open and airy.

Keep these suggestions in mind when designing your small living room and you will find that you can create spaces that look much more spacious than they actually are!

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