Transform Your Small Kitchen in to One That Appears Spacious and Airy

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If you have a small kitchen, you know what a worry it can be.  Many families spend much of their time in this room enjoying meals, and company often likes to sit at the kitchen table and visit.  If your kitchen is so tiny that you feel you can barely turn around, there are some easy ways to make it appear much larger.  This article offers tips that will help you transform your kitchen from a room that feels constricting, to one that you will really enjoy.

Before you get started, go through your cabinets and cupboards and clear out anything that isn’t absolutely necessary.  No, this doesn’t really have anything to do with making your kitchen appear larger, but it will make you feel better when you open up your cupboards to organization and room instead of clutter.

First of All, Organize


A cluttered, junked-up counter top really decreases the space in a kitchen.  While small appliances, plants, canisters and other knick-knacks don’t use floor space, they do make the room look unorganized and smaller.  With your counter tops opened up and free of clutter, you will be on your way to creating an airy, spacious look.

Walls and Floors


You probably already know this, but light colors really expand a room.  If your walls are dark or covered with wallpaper, it’s time to make a change.  Strip wallpaper; small prints, flowers and any intricate designs make the room look smaller.  A fresh coat of butter yellow paint or any other very light color will look appealing and visually open the room.

Floors should be kept light as well.  If you have wood floors, natural wood or pine stained in a very light shade looks clean.  Linoleum or ceramic tile should be light colored as well, perhaps in cream or sand shades.



Most people cannot afford new cabinets, as they are very expensive.  As with your walls and floors, cabinets need to be of a light shade.  If you have dark cabinets, you can give them a face lift yourself to save money.  Updating your cabinets will transform the look and feel of your kitchen more than you can imagine.  Sand the finish, apply a couple of coats of light colored paint, and add some decorative hardware.  You may want to apply a coat of glossy polyurethane to protect the paint and give it sheen.

Opening up your windows allows light to come in and works great for making the room look more spacious.  If you can, leave the window over your sink completely open with no curtains or other window treatments.  If you must use something, keep it sheer and light colored to continue with the airy appeal.

Keep the floors clear of furniture and other accessories that are not needed.  If you have lots of plants, baskets or other things taking up floor space, move them out.  The cleaner you keep the floors, counter tops and kitchen table, the more spacious your kitchen will appear.  Put a few of these tips to work for you, and soon you will have a kitchen that looks as though it has doubled in size!

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