Transform Your Dining Room from Boring to Beautiful

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Decorating a dining room so that it is appealing and original can be a challenge.  You know the basics; a dining room table and chairs, perhaps a buffet or hutch.  How can you add personality to your dining room and make it appealing regardless of whether the look you are after is elegant, sleek or traditional?  The tips below will help you design a dining room that is comfortable, relaxing and gets noticed.

Consider your furnishings first

It’s essential that you take your furniture in to account when decorating your dining room.

If the look you are after requires new furnishings, consider your budget.  It is difficult, if not impossible, to create a country or Tuscan look if you have a contemporary dining room set.

Traditional furniture offers you the most flexibility in decorating as you can dress it up or down to suit your needs.  If you have yet to purchase dining room furniture, carefully consider the theme you intend to use before buying.

Walls, windows and other elements to consider

When decorating a dining room, consider the style you want to achieve.  For example, an elegant or formal dining room often looks beautiful when rich, deep colors and heavy window treatments are used.

If you prefer a cottage chic or country look, window treatments are light and breezy.  Use neutral and lighter colors on walls, floors and other decor.

An elegant chandelier adds a dramatic touch to a formal dining room.  If you prefer a more casual look, consider shopping for lighting fixtures and even a country or cottage styled lamp for the buffet.

When decorating the walls, consider the larger picture.  A light colored paint works well for cottage or country appeal, while deeper shades of burgundy or apricot are perfect for an elegant or formal dining room.  Also consider a chair rail or wainscoting for added depth.

Accessories complete the look

No room looks complete without the right accessories.

In an elegant dining room, a large portrait or dramatic mirror placed above the buffet is the perfect touch.  If the look you want to achieve is modern, a dramatic piece of abstract or geometric art adds color and impact.

In the country or traditional dining room, shelves displaying crockery, candles, plants and even family photos are a nice touch.

The right centerpiece for the dining room table is a must!  In a modern theme, consider a sculptural center piece designed using twisted branches; the country look calls for an old pitcher filled with colorful wildflowers.

If you desire additional color and pattern for the floor, consider a large area rug that fits under the table; make sure that edges will not interfere with moving chairs in or out.

Decorating a dining room is not as hard as it may seem, especially when you consider the furniture first.  Put these tips and ideas to work in your dining room, and transform it from ordinary to extraordinary.

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