Transform a Stark Living Room by Texture and Pattern

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Let’s face it:  Most people aren’t that attracted to stark, cold looking rooms.  Contemporary and modern styles of decorating can take on this feeling if you aren’t careful.  Actually, any room that lacks pattern and texture can look lifeless.  In this article, you will find many useful tips and ideas for adding a feeling of warmth to a room, so that it feels welcoming and inviting to all who enter.

Not only do various textures and patterns add warmth to a room, the colors involved often add personality and life.  Imagine a room without color!  By adding interesting textures and colors, any room will look much more beautiful and appealing.

Consider your decorating style before choosing fabrics and accents


Before you go all out trying to find the perfect accents and fabrics that will add texture to a room, consider the style of décor you prefer.  A modern or contemporary décor is often sleek; therefore the fabrics you choose should be those that are smooth and satiny.  Consider chintz, silk, and other sleek looking fabrics to carry out the clean, modern appearance.

Those who lean toward rugged or western styles of decorating will prefer fabrics that are rougher in nature.  Nubby rugs, calico, cotton and leather are perfect for those who like the more natural, outdoorsy styles of decorating.

The size of the room determines patterns


If your living room is particularly small or large, you want to take that in to consideration when adding texture and pattern.  Small rooms should never be decorated in very large, loud patterns.  Huge flowers, wide stripes and bold checks dominate a small room, and make it appear even smaller.  Stick to smaller, more delicate patterns and smaller scale furnishings so that the room doesn’t look overwhelmed.

Larger living rooms look fantastic with the larger, bolder patterns.  These patterns are in scale with the large room, and make it all appear more balanced.  Large scale furnishings and large accents create a room that is appealing to the eye.  In any case, never add too many accents, as your rooms will lose their focal point and end up looking cluttered.

Mix and Match!


Whether your furniture upholstery and accent fabrics are small or large, today nearly anything goes when decorating.  Don’t be afraid to mix stripes, florals and checks along with solids.  As long as all of the colors in the room coordinate, mixing patterns only adds dimension and depth, which makes any room feel more welcoming.

Image mixing throw pillows for the sofa that are all colored in various shades of burgundy, cream and forest green – one plaid, one striped, a floral and a solid.  This is absolutely gorgeous!  While this may have been against the rules two decades ago, now anything goes.  Consider a solid colored area rug outlined in bold stripes, while plaid pillows of the same shades accent the sofa and love seat.  The look is rich and oh-so appealing.

If you aren’t sure about mixing certain textures or patterns, try it out!  You may be surprised at just how beautiful a cold, stark room can look when you add a little warmth.

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