Tips For Opening Up a Small Kitchen

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Many homes have a small kitchen and dining room area, which is unfortunate considering that these are the rooms in which many families spend most of their time.  How can you open up this area and make it more appealing?  There are many things you can do to brighten up a small area and make it look more spacious.   The tips and ideas in this article will help you do just that.

Just remember, before you start to make changes, that you really love the decorating theme, otherwise you will never be happy with the results.

Choosing the right colors

Since your kitchen and dining room are already on the small side, you want to avoid dark colors as much as possible.  Dark shades will only make the room look smaller, so stick to light colors.

Pale hues of country blue, peach, soft yellow and cream are perfect for the kitchen.  You may even want to consider a monochromatic color scheme.  An ultra light gray shade combined with country blue and white is beautiful, and makes the room look more spacious.  It is perfectly fine to use small splashes of bright color to add interest and depth to the room.

Choose small scale furnishings

When it comes to the dining room, consider a modern or contemporary style of table and chairs.  This style of furniture is usually built on a smaller scale; lines are sleek and clean, giving the room a more spacious appearance.

Traditional or country furnishings tend to be on the bulky side, so you probably want to avoid this type of furniture.  If you must use this style in your decorating, choose a round table that is smaller in diameter or one with drop-down sides.

If you need an island in your kitchen, consider one that rolls so that you can place it in a closet or the pantry when not in use.


Minimize clutter

Clutter can take over a room and make it look messy and it takes up space on the kitchen counter.  Your goal is to achieve clean, open spaces.  Put small appliances away when not in use, and avoid trying to decorate the tops of the counters with knick-knacks, plants and other items.

The appliances you choose can also make a difference in how open and spacious your kitchen appears.  White or stainless steel tend to look clean and open, while black or dark colored appliances absorb light instead of reflecting it.

Brighten up the walls

If you currently have wood paneling or walls that are painted a dark color, paint them a light color.  Wallpaper with busy patterns also diminishes the size of a room, so consider removing it and using a solid color.

Bright pictures with light colored frames add an additional splash of color; consider hanging a large mirror on the wall along one side of the dining room table.  It will reflect the entire room, making it appear twice the size!

These tips and ideas will help you design a kitchen and dining room that appears open and inviting.  You don’t have to live with a small kitchen – transform it in to a space you and your family will love!

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