Tips For Brightening Up a Dark Living Room

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Is your living room dark and dreary?  If you’re ready to give the room a fresh, bright new look it is easily accomplished.  Not only does a bright room look more cheery, it looks more spacious. While a dark room may be cozy for a while, it can become dull and even depressing.  Here are a few tips and ideas for giving your living room a bright, fresh new look.

Start with the walls

The walls are the biggest factor in the room, so it just makes sense that you want to lighten them up a bit.  If your walls are papered, consider stripping the paper off so that you can paint.  Dark paneling can also be painted, but be sure to apply a primer first.

White, cream, pale yellow or soft shades of peach or blue will brighten up the room and give it fresh appeal.  Try using a color that is one shade lighter than what you believe you need, as paint colors tend to intensify when applied to the walls.

If you don’t want to paint all of the walls, paint two or three a white shade, then paint the remaining walls a bright, cheerful color.

Adding mirrors to the walls will help to reflect any light than enters the room which will make the room appear larger and brighter.

Choose light colored furniture

When you have a living room that is too dark, you want to avoid dark toned woods such as cherry or mahogany.  Choose lighter shades of pine or oak and lightly colored upholstery or leather.

If you do not have the money to buy new furnishings, consider slip covers.  Today’s slip covers are fitted, and come in many patterns and colors.  Long gone are the days that slip covers looked as though you had thrown a sheet over the sofa!

When it comes to windows, lighten up

Dark, heavy drapes or curtains will only make the room look darker.  They block out most of the natural light, so choose sheers or light colored curtains to decorate the windows.

You may even consider using light colored shades or blinds and leaving the curtains off to give windows a more open, airy look.

Add new lighting

If your light fixtures are old or dark, consider replacing them with light colored fixtures.  Update your table lamps with light colored shades, and consider floor lamps as well.

You might also try using a higher wattage bulb to give off more light.  Placing recessed or track lighting on the ceiling will also provide more light to the room in the evenings.

Accessories add a splash of bright color

The accents you use can make a huge difference in the look of the room!  Brightly colored throw pillows, fresh flowers in a light colored vase and bright area rugs add a vibrant, refreshing touch of color to the room.

As you can see, lighter, bright colors are what really open up a room and eliminate a dark, dreary atmosphere.  Try some of the ideas above, and you will soon see that you don’t have to live in a dark dungeon any longer.

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