The Pink Bathroom – Hot For 2011

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In the 1950’s, pink was a very popular color for bathrooms; it indicated prosperity and wealth.  While pink hasn’t been the “it” color for bathrooms in a decade, it’s once again in vogue.  The old saying that “everything old is new again” certainly holds true for this vibrant color.  Pink makes people feel prosperous and happy, perhaps the very reason that it is making a come back is that we are experiencing times that are not so prosperous.

Shades of pink are deeper and more vibrant

Unlike the Pepto Bismol shades of pink that were popular in the 50’s, today’s varieties of pink are rosy and rich.  Rose shades are known to make people feel vibrant and more attractive, perhaps another reason more and more people are inclined towards including pink in the bath.

From pastel bubble-gum pink to rose, carnation and burgundy shades, consider putting some pink in your bathroom.  It’s a huge transformation from the more muted shades of the past, and one that will definitely give your bath a fresh new “uplifted” look.

Pink – perfect for the feminine or nostalgic bath

It’s only natural that pink is the perfect color for a bathroom that leans toward all that is feminine.  Floral shower curtains, pink and white polka dot accessories, all of these things add a bit of drama and whimsy to a bath.

On the flip side, pink shades can also create a nostalgic feeling of old times.  A pink poodle shower curtain paired with ceramic poodle figurines, pink bath towels contrasted with white offers an old-time atmosphere.  Who say’s you can’t go home again?

Hoping for a rich look?

Various shades of pink are perfect for a look that is rich and elegant, but not too feminine.  Think of rose and burgundy shades.  Cream colored walls contrasted with burgundy and cream shower curtains, an abstract rug full of different shades of pink, burgundy trim and even curtains in a burgundy and cream with a little pale pink thrown in the mix.

By varying the shades from light to dark and adding plush accessories, the room will have depth and texture, creating a rich, elegant look.  Deep forest green also blend well in this color scheme.

If you’re afraid to go all-out pink, try adding just a few light touches here and there.  You can use a base color theme that includes shades of cream or antique white, and throw in a little pink through picture frames and hand towels.  How much pink you decide to use is totally up to you and your preferences.

Additionally, you may want to add a few natural touches such as green plants, white wicker baskets and round or square pillar candles to complete the look and add a soft, somewhat romantic flair to the room.

Now that pink is “hot” again, have fun decorating your bathroom!  Start out light, and then keep adding touches of pink gradually until you reach a look that is balanced and eye-catching without looking over-done.

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