Color Code and Pattern Personality: How to Decipher Your’s for the Best Choices in Décor

In design, it is amazing how the little things can make all of the difference. From a simple throw pillow to a thoughtful art piece, it is the accents in a room that can really highlight your beautiful furniture or lofty ceilings. If you don’t understand how to use accessories to your advantage you will … Continue Reading »

Pattern, Color & Texture – Creating Amazing Rooms

Not all that long ago homeowners wouldn’t dare mix patterns and colors in any way that wasn’t traditional.  Neutral colors were, for the most part, bland and lacked personality.  Today, all of the rules are out the window when it comes to decorating your home!  Rich textures, contrasting patterns and lots of color create rooms … Continue Reading »

How to Mix Patterns for a Stylish, Beautiful Home

Decades ago, a majority of homeowners wouldn’t dream of mixing patterns.  A living room would be decorated with floral patterns, stripes, plaids, geometric or abstract patterns, but they were never mixed.  Today, mixing patterns is all the rage – but you have to know how to do it correctly to achieve an appealing look.  Mixing … Continue Reading »

Transform a Stark Living Room by Texture and Pattern

Let’s face it:  Most people aren’t that attracted to stark, cold looking rooms.  Contemporary and modern styles of decorating can take on this feeling if you aren’t careful.  Actually, any room that lacks pattern and texture can look lifeless.  In this article, you will find many useful tips and ideas for adding a feeling of … Continue Reading »