Living Room Design Tips

Today, living room themes vary as much, and are as individual as, the people who live in their homes.  It’s even common for a living room to be fairly ignored, as more and more people tend to congregate in the kitchen/dining room area of the home to eat, visit with neighbors, play games and just … Continue Reading »

Living Room Decorating Tips – Make Your Home Comfortable and Inviting

Your living room is where your family relaxes after a day at school or work, but it is also the first impression visitors get of the interior of your home.  You want a living room that projects a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere – but you also want it to be beautiful and eye-catching.  This article offers … Continue Reading »

Living Room Decorating Ideas For Various Tastes

Your living room is the place where your family enjoys relaxing and you entertain guests.  While not everyone’s taste is the same, you want the style you choose to be as beautiful and comfortable as possible.  The tips and ideas below will help you design a living room that meets your decorating tastes and also … Continue Reading »

Creating a Beautiful Living Room on a Budget

Are you tired of the looks or layout of your living room but don’t have the budget to start over from scratch?  Many people want to decorate their living rooms, but some simply cannot afford it considering today’s economic climate.  Now you can decorate your living room at little or no cost. When most people … Continue Reading »

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Furniture for Your Family or Living Room

The furnishings you choose to decorate your family or living room provide the basis for the rest of the décor.  When shopping for furniture, there are several things you should take into consideration.  Is the room small or spacious?  Will you actually be using the room, or is it more for show?  There are many … Continue Reading »

Decorating a Small Living Room for Visual Spaciousness

If your living room is on the small side and you would love to make it appear open and spacious, it is easily accomplished.  With the right use of color, furnishings and pattern, you can create a room that looks and feels much bigger than it actually is.  With decorating, there are many ways to … Continue Reading »

How to Transform the Look of Your Living Room

Whether your living room is too small, too large, too bland or too congested, you can easily change its look!  You may believe that you have a tiny area and therefore it is destined to appear small and congested.  Alternatively your living area may be spacious – a bit TOO spacious.  Maybe your living room … Continue Reading »

Expecting Company? Give Your Living Room a Makeover in 24 Hours

Your living room needs a makeover, but you have been putting it off for some time now.  This afternoon, you received a call that your in-laws are coming to visit from out of town!  Now, you need to update the room in a hurry, and have no idea what to do.  This article will give … Continue Reading »

5 Ways to Cozy Up a Large Living Room

Most people love large living or family rooms, but they tend to have a cold or cavernous appearance, especially when the ceilings are vaulted.  While you love the spaciousness, you may wonder how to make the room feel a little more warm and inviting, or cozy.  You want your home to have an atmosphere that … Continue Reading »