How to Decorate a Traditional Kitchen: Top Tips for Creating a Timeless Space

Traditional decorating may seem like a no-brainer, you just choose standard decorating items, right? The truth is that “standard” doesn’t exist. The fun thing about decorating is that today’s definition of traditional comes from a blend of stylistic approaches. Standard and traditional are not synonymous- nor does the term “normal” or “average” have a place … Continue Reading »

Spruce Up Your Kitchen With 1940’s Vintage Appeal

Nothing is quite as inviting and comfortable as a 1940’s style retro kitchen.  The look is quite easy to achieve, and the blend of all things vintage and modern makes for an appearance that is original and appealing.  The warmth such a room exudes makes for a kitchen and dining area that is comfortable, relaxing, … Continue Reading »

Avoid These Mistakes When Updating Your Kitchen Decor

Updating the design of your kitchen can give it an appealing, fresh new look which is important, especially if you are considering selling your home.  If not well thought out a redesign can also create problems and cost you a bundle.  This article offers tips for renovating your kitchen the right way, without overspending or … Continue Reading »

Transform Your Small Kitchen in to One That Appears Spacious and Airy

If you have a small kitchen, you know what a worry it can be.  Many families spend much of their time in this room enjoying meals, and company often likes to sit at the kitchen table and visit.  If your kitchen is so tiny that you feel you can barely turn around, there are some … Continue Reading »

Create a Warm Country Style Kitchen

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to decorating their home, but you would be hard pressed to find many that do not like the cozy, welcoming atmosphere of a country style kitchen.  The kitchen area is often the “heart” of the home.  This is where family congregates to enjoy good food and good … Continue Reading »

Turning a Tired, Dated Kitchen into a Showplace

Family, friends, and relatives all love to congregate in a comfortable kitchen-the one area of the home that everyone enjoys. For centuries, kitchens have been the room where everyone gathered, the heart of the home. Here families have come together for great meals, visiting at the table, or playing board games. After all this activity, … Continue Reading »