Choosing the Right Dining Room Table for Your Decorating Tastes

The dining room is one of the most functional and used rooms in your home.  Your family gathers together to eat their evening meal and talk about the events of the day.  Other times, you may use the dining room to enjoy coffee or tea while you chat on the phone, or your kids may … Continue Reading »

Choosing the Perfect Dining Room Table

Many people make the mistake of choosing a dining room table based solely on looks.  Of course, you want your home to be beautiful and appealing, but many families use the dining room table for things other than dining!  You want to base your decision on other concerns, such as budget and coordination with other … Continue Reading »

5 Style Tips for Decorating Your Dining Room

Does your dining room seem dull and boring to you? If so, then perhaps it’s time to decorate it with more style. Besides buying new dining furniture there are many ways to liven up your dining room, making it more stylish and put together. Following are some great style tips that can be used in … Continue Reading »