Accessories 101: How Choosing the Right Accents Can Change a Room Entirely

One of the most common mistakes that people make when decorating their home is over-accessorizing. For some of us, a hobby or collection can overwhelm a space and can leave it looking more like a museum or an antique store than a living room. While, it is perfectly fine to collect certain items, it takes … Continue Reading »

Using Color & Fabrics to Transform a Room

Sometimes, personality and character just seem to be missing from a room and there’s just nothing there to draw your interest, or perhaps they simply are dull or boring in appearance. Does your home look like this? By using color and texture, you can really infuse warmth and personality into a room that was previously … Continue Reading »

How to Add Your Own Personality into Decorating a Room

When decorating your home, do you tend to get so wrapped up in the latest styles or trends featured in design magazines that you forget to add some of your own personality to the design? You should be able to step into any room in your home and know that it reflects your unique personality … Continue Reading »

5 Ways to Change your Décor to Reflect the Different Seasons

Do you want to be able to change the décor of your home to correspond with the changing seasons? Seasonal decorating doesn’t involve any major changes like painting the walls or getting new furniture. With some smaller decorating changing, you can definitely have your home looking like springtime or winter. Here are some simple ways … Continue Reading »