Tips for Adding Color to Your Kitchen

Most families seem to end up spending a great deal of their time in the kitchen, so you might want to make it more interesting and add some color. Even if you don’t want your kitchen to be drab and dreary, it’s not always easy to know quite how to add the right touch. Here … Continue Reading »

Different Color Schemes for Decorating Your Home

Homeowners often become overwhelmed when it comes time to choose a color scheme for a room. The tricky part about choosing a color scheme is that once you choose one color, you then have to decide what other potential colors to put in the room as well. So what’s the best way to choose a … Continue Reading »

Learn Color Theory for Your Home

Want to create a mood in your home that complements your personality? By analyzing your home’s colors, you can find a decorating solution to create the perfect atmosphere. Designer Color Lesson The color wheel provides an easy way to visualize how all the different hues relate to each other. Traditionally, red, yellow, and blue are … Continue Reading »