Interior Decorating with a Monochromatic Color Scheme

When it comes to figuring out the color scheme of a room, a monochromatic color scheme is one option. A monochromatic color scheme involves using one color in the room for almost all the surfaces. Contrast is added to the room by using different shades of the color, from light to dark. If you decide … Continue Reading »

3 Stylish Painting Techniques for Walls

You can quickly and easily add style to any room in your home by using any of several painting techniques on your walls. These techniques make any DIY paint job look like a professional one. There are certain things you need to do before you can start any type of painting on your walls. All … Continue Reading »

Learn Color Theory for Your Home

Want to create a mood in your home that complements your personality? By analyzing your home’s colors, you can find a decorating solution to create the perfect atmosphere. Designer Color Lesson The color wheel provides an easy way to visualize how all the different hues relate to each other. Traditionally, red, yellow, and blue are … Continue Reading »