Do-it-Yourself Tips for Transforming a Bedroom on a Budget

You want your bedroom to be beautiful, relaxing and comfortable.  If you’re tired of the current look but cannot afford a complete remodel, there are many affordable, small touches you can add that make a noticeable impact.  This article offers a few tips and ideas to help make your tired bedroom a beautiful, relaxing retreat … Continue Reading »

Create Your Dream Kitchen on a Shoestring Budget

Remodeling a kitchen is one of the most expensive projects you can take on in your home.  In fact, having a professional complete the renovations can cost anywhere from $7,000 to $15,000 or more, depending on what you have done. You can do much of the renovation yourself and save a bundle of money.  For … Continue Reading »

Decorating Your Home on a Budget – Easy Tips and Ideas That Give Your Home Personality

In today’s economic environment, many people simply do not have the money for a complete home remodel – but they are tired of the same boring look they have had for years.  Now, you can update the look of your home as often as you like, and the simple ideas below will help make it … Continue Reading »

Budget Bedroom Decorating Ideas

If you’re tired of the present decor in your bedroom, there are plenty of affordable ways to give it a new look!  You don’t have to buy new furniture, replace the carpet or add expensive artwork.  This article offers tips and ideas for giving your bedroom a fresh new look without spending much money. Change … Continue Reading »

How to Give Your Living Room a Whole New Look on a Shoestring Budget

Have designer tastes but no budget to go along with it?  You can give your living room a fresh, updated look without spending much money at all.  Your living room is where you relax with family, visit with guests, and generally live your life when it’s time to unwind after a busy day.  You want … Continue Reading »