Shabby Chic Motif: Essential Elements that Make this Style Shine

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Shabby chic burst onto the
design scene with its antique hutches and vintage linens. Reintroducing the
romance of yesteryear, this style is one that can fit in any home, on any budget.
Feminine and flirty, hues of light pink, chalky white, and sky-blue are shabby
chic staples that give this style an appeal for the masses. Hinged upon
repurposing furniture, dinnerware, and unconventional pieces, it is the perfect
way to create a cozy space without breaking the budget.

Here are a few exceptional
ideas on how to bring shabby chic into your home:

Layering Lace and Linens

The table setting, also
referred to as the “display only” table, may be one of the signature pieces of
shabby chic design. A quick trip to your local antique store or online shop can
provide a bevy of vintage linen and lace options. Layering these in a formal
dining room
can create many different looks that allow you to showcase some
your favorite finds in an informal way. To achieve the shabby chic afternoon
tea look, pink roses in full bloom draped over a vintage ceramic vase are
perfect for the centerpiece.

If you want to modernize the
look hang a crystal chandelier overhead or bring in some repurposed wicker chairs
in a crisp white or stark black. This set-up doesn’t have to be put away once
dinner arrives and instead is best for formal dining rooms, where it can stay
as long as you like.

Display Your China

Whether you peruse estate
sales or have an expansive collection of vintage china from family, it should
be on display if shabby chic is your style aesthetic. It is best to display
your pieces in a distressed hutch or cabinet.

For a frilly feel, use
doilies that you have collected for an extra touch of shabby–glam inside your
china hutch. Placing them under each place setting or teacup creates a lace
flag effect that can soften hard edges of a hutch and protect your precious
china from the rough surface of most antique shelving.

Weathered Elements & Tarnished Silver

Another wonderful element of
shabby chic design is that the older things look the better. Look for old
windows and doors that have peeling paint and tarnished knobs. Hang these
indoors for a rustic, yet romantic addition or use them in a backyard gazebo or
planting shed to bring your style out of doors.

If you have tarnished silver
you want to show off, use embroidered hankies as napkin rings to offset the
tarnished silver atop your “display only” table. No matter how old something
may be, there can be a use for it inside the parameters of this style.

Regardless of which style
elements you choose to weave into your home, remember that pastels and bright
whites are the palette for shabby chic decorating and can awaken the Jane
Austen in all of us. Brew some tea, grab
an embroidered hankie and a biscuit, and relax in a space that is a modern reflection
of days gone by.