Rustic Kitchen Decorating Ideas Make Your Kitchen Warm and Welcoming

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Nothing is more relaxing and cozy than a rustic or log cabin kitchen.  The wood elements that are often incorporated in this style of decor are comfortable, natural and appealing; this type of kitchen says “home” like no other style can.  If you want your kitchen to bring to mind a time and place from long ago, the tips in this article will help.

Distressed cabinets offer rustic appeal

Cabinets made of oak or knotty pine are perfect in the rustic kitchen; left in their natural state and coated with clear coat for protection, these cabinets blend seamlessly with the other wood elements in the kitchen.  Cedar or mahogany will work as well, but you might want to purchase distressed versions or distress them yourself with a little sanding to give them a worn, more antiqued look.

Decorate the counter tops with old-time charm

If you already have a butcher-block counter top, this is one of the best looks for the rustic kitchen.  Since you use it to chop and cut foods, the natural wear lends further to the rustic appeal.  If you don’t have this type of counter top, not to worry; just place a few large wood cutting boards randomly to add to the effect.

An old cracked pitcher filled with wildflowers is the perfect accent for the counter top.  Add a set of copper canisters and a wooden paper towel holder, and the look begins to come together.

Choosing colors for your rustic kitchen

The rustic style of decorating uses the colors found in nature.  Calm shades of orange such as burnt or spiced orange are comforting and warm.  Rusty reds, shades of brown, golden yellow and sage green add color and depth to the room.

Incorporate these colors into the room through scattered area rugs, a table runner for your dining room table, curtains and dish towels.  You may want to consider using wooden or ceramic roosters as colorful accents as well.

Gingham and checkerboard patterns kick it up a notch

The patterns and fabrics you use can give a room an added “punch” of color and boldness.  In the rustic kitchen, gingham and checkerboard patterns are perfect for chair covers and curtains!  Since rustic decor usually evolves around wood, these colors and patterns will help to liven everything up while still keeping the room warm.

While most people choose to keep their pots and pans hidden away in a cabinet, rustic decor is made even more charming when these utensils are put on display.  Hang your pots and pans from a wrought iron rack hung from the ceiling – this is a great focal point for the room!

Sunflower accessories, old tin signs, cast iron cookware and anything “old” works well for decorating your home with rustic flavor.  Put your own creativity to work and create a kitchen that is as comfortable and inviting as it is beautiful!  This will no doubt be the favorite room of your entire family.

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