Quick and Easy Bedroom Redecorating Ideas

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Are you tired of your bedroom decor?  No matter how beautiful it was when you first decorated, we all tend to grow tired of any look after a good deal of time has passed.  If you want to give your bedroom a completely new look in a minimal amount of time, you will find the tips and ideas below helpful.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money or purchase all new furniture to spruce up your bedroom!

Change up the walls

The walls are the easiest part of the room to change; updating the look of the walls will give your bedroom a completely new look.

Paint the walls a fresh new color, or consider texturing techniques to add a new dimension to the walls.  Sponging, rag rolling and stenciling are simple to do, and give the room a unique look.  Textured wallpaper is also available that is meant for painting over.

To really liven up the look, paint the walls of your bedroom two different shades; opposite facing walls may be cream or taupe, while the other two can be soft blue, golden pumpkin or any colors that complement the decor.

Rearrange the furniture

Most people have their bed placed flat up against a wall.  Why not do something a bit original?  Place your bed at a diagonal, so that the head of the bed is across one corner of the room.

If room allows, bring in a love seat or two chairs flanking a table with reading lamp.  Creating a relaxing space for reading or watching television can add a whole new dimension to the bedroom.

Change out your accents or accessories

Sometimes all it takes to completely makeover the look of a bedroom is a few well-chosen accents!

Consider new throw rugs for the side of the bed, boldly colored and full of texture.  New thrown pillows for the bed will add an additional splash of color.

Change out the prints on the walls, add new curtains and consider painting your lamp shade or buying a new one.

Add an old cracked pitcher filled with fresh flowers to the dresser; new candles, doilies, and other small accents can dress up the room.

Consider color

Dark colors make a room recede, while lighter colors visually expand the size.  If your bedroom is very small, consider brightening it up with paint, a new comforter or duvet, and light, breezy curtains.

A large bedroom is beautiful and relaxing when filled with cool colors that soothe such as soft blue, mint green, silver and lavender shades.  As long as you avoid bold colors such as bright red, neon green and royal purple, your bedroom will be a relaxing sanctuary that induces sleep.

Be creative and try different things; move the furniture around several times, look at the color scheme you now use and decide what different colors may complement the look.

Have fun redecorating your bedroom!  It’s easy to make it uniquely yours, a place where you will enjoy reading, watching television or simply sleeping after a long hard day.

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