PHOTO OF THE WEEK: November 3, 2009

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Barn Furniture 1949
The Barn Furniture (1949) on Sepulveda Blvd. one block south of Victory Blvd.

This picture, taken in or around 1949, shows some of our early efforts to meet the needs of residents who were adventurous enough to move way out to the San Fernando Valley, CA. That included our brave soldiers who had just returned from the war, who could scoop up a brand new track home for a few thousand dollars.

Those that made the San Fernando Valley their home could buy the ladderback chairs seen here for $1.49 each or they could splurge on the kidney bench, seen in the foreground, for their wife to sit on while she did her make up. The Directors’ Chairs, on the left, were a very hot item with such close proximity to Hollywood, although without freeways we were still quite remote. Note that the front of our store was unpaved and unroofed at this time. You can’t see the small barn, set back from the street, where we stored the merchandise at night.

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