Perk Up a Tired-Looking Room with Color

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Have you lived in your home for years and feel that it’s time for an update? When you’ve had the same colors and accents for a long time, you may feel that you want a change. Perhaps you’re finding that your kitchen and living area have begun looking tired and drab. If you can’t afford a home makeover at the moment, then what are your options?

Spruce up your home using vibrant colors and add a few new accents. It’s amazing how different things will look when you’re through. The best part is, even though you’re not spending a bundle of money, your home will look as though you did.

In the Living Room
This is one area you really want to be appealing, especially since this is the room where family and friends congregate to visit and enjoy each other’s company. Have you been stuck on contemporary or modern décor for years, but now you’re ready to do something bold? Be daring, and move away from the black, beige, and tan that are the usual hallmarks of your design style.

If you want a look that’s fresh, energizing, and demands attention, work with vibrant blues, tropical greens, and peaches. Choose a light celery green for the walls, and then paint the baseboards and doors a dark forest green. Hang bright botanical prints on the walls and then add a few fruity- or tropical-scented candles. As a final touch, add a little silk greenery casually displayed in clear glass vases on a wooden coffee table, and you will have achieved a totally different look for your room.

If you have solid-colored furniture, don’t be afraid to add throw pillows in bold patterns and colors. By mixing floral designs, stripes, and plaids, you can add interest and originality. Just be sure all the colors are complementary, and you will have created an incredible look.

Add Pizzazz in the Kitchen & Dining Room
If your kitchen and dining room look a little worn out and drab, then add more color. Coordinate the color theme with what you’re doing in the living room. This is especially important if these areas run together. Citrus colors work great in the kitchen. Add some bright curtains to the windows. Sunflowers, strawberries, and other bright-hued prints can really infuse this room with energy.

For the dining room, consider laying a brightly colored runner along the center of your dining table. Then place a straw basket filled with fruit there. Choose a vibrant color for the dining room walls, and then add splashes of contrasting colors using a feather duster for an exciting look. Anything goes-just use your imagination! Any accent or idea will work, as long as it’s bright and cheery.

In end, the point of all this is to make your rooms in your home come alive. For years, you have been living with the same dull and boring colors day after day. It’s time to add some vibrancy and excitement to your home. When you combine many bright, bold colors, you add some depth to a décor that makes a room look much more interesting. You’ll find that accents and furniture stand out, instead of blending together and getting lost in a sea of white. You’ll find that every area of the room begins to take on a life of its own.

Go for the gusto! Don’t hold anything back! If you’re looking to give your home not only a brand-new look but an exciting feeling as well, bright, energetic colors may be just what you need. Go for drama and flair and forget those rooms with no personality. You will have a feeling of renewed energy and vitality each time you set foot in your home.

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