Modern Mama: How to Create a Contemporary Nursery

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Nursery Room

If you aren’t the type who
loves pink ruffles or blue polka dots, then perhaps you should create a baby
oasis that falls into step with the rest of your house. There are many ways to
create a baby-friendly space without feeling like you’ve moved into Toys ‘R Us.
Staying within the design lines for any space can keep that cohesive feel
flourishing when it’s time to bring baby home. Here are a few simple steps to
follow when deciding how to decorate Junior’s room in a modern motif that you
will love.

Baby Room Must-have; Adaptability

The minute that your little
bundle of joy passes through the threshold of your front door, you will notice
that your ability to adapt becomes a survival skill. From unpredictable
sleeping patterns to teething and growth spurts, babies like to keep you
guessing. However, if you choose furniture that will be one step ahead, then
you have a predictable space that can adapt to any surprises along the way.

The trick to creating a
flexible baby room is to buy furniture that is multi-functional and can serve
several purposes as the child grows. For instance, buy a bassinet that can turn
into a toy basket in the future. Look for ones that are sturdy enough to
withstand the constant tugging and traffic they will see once your child is
motored by curiosity. Also, choose a crib that can easily convert into a
toddler bed. The best purchases are those that won’t have to be thrown away
once your child has graduated into their next phase of growing and learning.

Decorate to Encourage Creativity

Children’s imaginations are
one of life’s most precious gifts, and their nurseries should be the one place
that they can expand this talent. When it comes to choosing style and
decorations think of things that will be interactive as well as pleasing to the
eye. Buying wallpaper that looks like a jungle or like hundreds of trees can
create a stage for creative games to be played in the future.

Choose items inside the room
that will encourage your child to imagine. A glowing globe is a perfect
nightlight that can turn into an exploration tool once they get older. A shelf
of fun mental puzzles can turn into a game of divide and conquer as he learns
to use motor skills to solve problems.

Neutral and Usable

Finally, select color
schemes that are gender neutral to avoid that stereotypical nursery look. The
colors you choose should be ones that your child can grow up with instead of
something you will have to change as they quickly breeze through new stages.
Make an effort to keep all of the space in the room usable. Look for cribs that
have storage underneath and for a dresser that has a changing table on top.

No matter what style you
choose, keep in mind that kids change quickly. If you create a space that can
adapt to their ever-changing needs while adhering to your design style, then
you will have created a successful modern nursery.