Modern Living Room Decorating Ideas – For Those Who Enjoy Minimal Fuss

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Modern decorating is perfect for those who enjoy sleek, clean lines with a minimum of clutter and fuss.  Open spaces, neutral colors injected with small bold touches, and modern accessories make for a room that can be dramatic, calm, or even futuristic in appearance.

If you love a clean modern look, the ideas below will help you create rooms you will enjoy coming home to at the end of the day.  Want to know what is the nicest thing about modern décor?  Your home looks spotless, even when you know you haven’t cleaned it in a while.

Furniture ideas

In a modern living room, you usually find a sofa, coffee and side tables, bean bag chairs, or even huge over-sized pillows for sitting on the floor.

Modern furniture is sleek and without intricate adornments or patterns.  A sofa may be extra long and have no arms on the ends; a small love seat may have open ends as well, with a single cushion as the back.

Tables in a modern living room can be anything from rectangular or square glass top tables to square box shapes that sit directly on the floor, perfect for those over-sized pillows.  Glass topped tables with fluted edges, set atop a wrought iron base, are also common.

Leather furniture is also suitable for a modern look; just make sure the look is streamlined and clean, and avoid over-stuffed, bulky looking furniture.

A minimum of accessories adds to the drama

Modern decorating can often take a dramatic turn.  While in most decorating themes walls, shelves and tables are adorned with an abundance of accents, not so in modern decor.

All but one wall may be completely bare.  That wall may spotlight a huge painting or print.  It is not uncommon to see a picture that is 4 feet by 6 feet hanging on a wall, and the look is striking.

Other accessories consist of throw pillows, which may contain a bit of bold color and pattern to add a bit of spice to a neutral room.  A large ceramic vase for the coffee table and a nubby area rug placed underneath is all you need to complete the room.


A modern design usually consists of brightly lit spaces which can come through windows or artificial light.  Windows are light and uncluttered.  Ax simple shade or blind is sufficient in modern décor.  You can consider leaving the window completely uncovered if your home isn’t visible to passers-by.

For lighting, consider sleek floor lamps topped by round globes, or a single, large round globe light that drops from the ceiling in the center of the room.

Light sand colors, gray, taupe, brown, white, black and orange are perfectly suited to modern design.  You can add any colors you like through accents, as long as they aren’t overpowering.

Modern decor looks clean, sleek and even efficient.  The tips above will help you create a look for your living room that you will love!

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