Master Bedroom Makeover Ideas: How to Make Your Bedroom A Get-Away

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Whether you are a new homeowner that is decorating their master bedroom for the first time, or you are a parent that has been spending all of their decorating efforts in the nursery and living space, there comes a time when a master bedroom needs to become your get away from the hustle and bustle of every day life. For some of us, a master bedroom is just a place we sleep, but if you are hoping to turn an otherwise underwhelming space into a room where you can relax and escape into at the end of a long day, here are a few ideas that can spruce up your space and put the “Ahhhh” back into your evening routine.

Choose a Relaxing Hue

While color can be the much-needed punch to take a living space or a playroom from Plain Jane to playful, your master bedroom needs to be approached in a different way. Since this room is ideally your own private space it is important to bring in rich, deep tones that set the mood for relaxation. Grayish lavender, burnt orange, cappuccino, and other natural tones are all wonderful colors that seem to whisper, “hush”. A pale green or an Oceanside blue has spa-elements to their feel and usher in a sense of calm and rest.

Colors that calm are the biggest benefit you can have in a room that should be considered your suite. From the bedding to the artwork, keep in mind that this is a room you want to retire in at the end of a long day.  Focusing upon elements that lend themselves to sleep and unwinding is important.

Decorate with Seemingly Impractical Items

This may seem like counterintuitive design advice, but in the master bedroom there needs to be an entirely different motive in mind when it comes to decorating. The rest of the home should be decorated and designed for practicality. The kitchen should be organized in such a way that feeds your whole family comfortably and with ease. The living room should be decorated with kid-friendly or guest-friendly items such as a plush couch or an easily accessible toy bin.

In the master bedroom, however, it is imperative to have little splurges around that wouldn’t fly in any other room. Invest in that gorgeous chandelier, or that trio of crystal vases. Pick up an orchid or a delicate writers desk from an antique store that wouldn’t survive in the playroom. This is your space and should be decorated with items that create a sense of escape- much like a hotel suite.

Promote Privacy

If you are a parent or you often have overnight guests, promoting privacy in your master bedroom will give you the ability to decompress after a day of entertaining or a long day at the office. To accomplish this it is best to make sure that your bedroom isn’t visible from the main living area and if it is, perhaps hanging sheer curtains around the bed, or closing your door will keep your private suite, private.

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