Light Up Your Home for Beauty and Usefulness

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Lighting can make a huge difference in the look and atmosphere of a home. Most people have ordinary lighting in their home, such as lamps, overhead lights, and so on. But many people don’t realize that a home’s lighting can completely change the feeling and the mood. You can create a warm ambiance instantly, without changing any of your décor. Certain types of lighting will not only add to the look of your home but can serve differing purposes as well.

Light Up Your Living Area
What type of lighting does your living or family room have? You probably have a few lamps sitting on a wood end table in there, maybe some overhead lights-perhaps even a lighted ceiling fan. Lamps can be gorgeous and should always be included as part of the home decorating scheme. If you can find the right ones, lamps can really enhance the beauty of any room.

Look at your living area. Do you have any particular areas that deserve special attention? With some small spotlights, you can make a trophy, a plant, or a beautiful antique collectible the focal point of the room. Just place the lights on a surface surrounding the area. Another option is dimming overhead lights, which allow you to occasionally set a romantic mood.

Other Areas That Deserve Special Lighting
The kitchen has long been a favorite place for everyone to gather. There are always friends, family, and guest congregating around the table for tea and coffee or to simply visit and enjoy each other’s company. Since a great deal of cooking and cleaning up are done in this room, the kitchen is one place that should be brightly lit.

For the dining room, a great touch is to place small decorative lamps on a side buffet. You also might want to install a dimmer switch that allows you to adjust the lighting. This will help you create the perfect romantic dinner just for the two of you. When you dim the lights and light a few candles, you can generate that intimate atmosphere you desire.

Another area where you want several lighting sources is the bedroom. You’ll definitely need good overhead lighting that lets you see clearly into all the drawers of your wood dresser, closets, and so on. Then for those of you who read before turning in for the night, you’ll also want a lamp on your bedside table. You might also include a very small candle lamp that creates an amber glow-the perfect touch on those cold winter nights when you want to cuddle up with your significant other.

What About the Bathroom?
You definitely want to include a source of bright light in the bathroom. After all, this is the place where men shave and women apply their makeup, so you need to be able to see clearly in here. Set a few candles around and consider a dimmer switch as well. This is an especially great feature if you happen to have a large garden tub in the room. Nothing is more relaxing than soaking in an oversized tub, particularly when you have delicate lighting helping to float away the stresses of the day. The scent from the candles can help ease away that anxiety and stress as well, adding a luscious fragrance to the room.

Lighting is not only an essential feature of a room, but it can completely transform the atmosphere of that space. Light can be used to highlight special areas in your rooms and, when used properly, will create a warm and welcoming ambiance in your home.

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