Kitchen Decorating Ideas That Won’t Bust Your Budget

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If you’re tired of the current decor in your kitchen and want to give it a fresh new look but you don’t have a lot of money to spend, there are plenty of ways to give your kitchen a new look!  Your kitchen is one of the most used room in your home.  It’s where your family shares meals and the happenings of the day, and where guests congregate to enjoy coffee, pastries and good conversation.

Everyone wants a warm, welcoming kitchen.  Below you will find a few ideas for giving your kitchen an updated and appealing new look.

Paint – the easiest way to transform your kitchen

For years, paint has been one of the most affordable ways to renovate your home, and it’s great for updating your kitchen as well.

Color sets the mood of the room; consider painting your walls a warm shade of amber or rustic red, trimmed in cream or sand.  Cool colors work as well to create a relaxing atmosphere; soft shades of blue and green create an inviting atmosphere.

If your cabinets are worn or dull, give them a face-lift with paint!  After painting, protect with a clear coat finish for a glossy new look.

Give your windows a unique touch

Curtains and blinds can get old, so why not update the look of your windows with a personal touch that is unique?

Consider brightly decorated dish towels as curtains; just hang them across a thin rod with wooden clothes pins!  This is a great look if your kitchen is decorated in a country or western theme.

Another great idea is to use cloth place mats.  Just layer them over each other, and hot glue against a flat curtain rod.

De-clutter and organize

One of the fastest ways to give your kitchen a breath of fresh air is to clean out the clutter!  Remove all small appliances from counter tops that you don’t use very often, and store them in a closet or underneath the counters.

If you have household bills, magazines and other “clutter” piled up on the counter or dining room table, find a drawer or basket to keep them in.  You would be amazed at how open, clean spaces change the look of a room!  Best of all, this transformation is free.

Some of your trash may be treasure!

If you throw away old bottles and jars, consider keeping a few as decorative items!  Fill them with pasta, dried beans, herbs, red peppers, olives and other colorful items and set them above your top cabinets if you have the type that are open to the ceiling.

Some old boxes make great decorative items as well; think of old-time cornstarch or baking soda boxes and cardboard canisters that are often sold in fundraisers and filled with jerky.

Throw rugs can beautify the floor

If you have burn spots, cracked tiles or signs of other mishaps on your kitchen floor, consider throw rugs.  Colorful throw rugs add color as well as texture, and can cover any bad spots so that no one knows they are there but you.

There are literally dozens of cheap things you can do to give your kitchen an entirely different look.  Use your imagination, and remember – your kitchen is yours, so do anything that shows off your personal tastes and decorating talents!

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