Kitchen Crisis: 3 Simple Budget-Friendly Fixes for the Heart of Your Home

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The kitchen is where life is experienced and memories are made, whether the scent of a freshly baked apple pie is wafting through your home or whether a frozen pizza is cooking in the oven- you don’t have to be a chef to realize how much of your time is spent in the “heart of the home”.

While it is the place where most people pony up to share a glass of wine of nibble on appetizers, it is also one of the most expensive rooms in your house to update. If you are on a budget but want to bring your kitchen into the modern day here are 3 simple fixes you can whip up without much investment at all!

Hardware Overhaul

Are you cabinets outdated or too simple? An easy and inexpensive way to update cabinets without the labor-intensive process of re-painting or the budget buster of customizing is simply to purchase new hardware. Depending on your home’s style- no matter if it is cottage or modern there are hundreds if not thousands of choices.

It is amazing how a simple change like hardware can take an otherwise boring cabinet front and give it some pizzazz. Be sure to choose hardware that is durable and easy to install. Most options are, with a simple screw backed design- but be sure that you choose something interesting enough to make a difference. 

Crown Molding Miracle

Another cheap but high impact way to update your kitchen on a budget is to purchase some crown molding. Depending on what type of cabinets you have- this works best with stock cabinets; you can take an otherwise boxy and unappealing cabinet and give it a customized look. Be sure to match the finish of your crown molding to the finish of the cabinets.

Also if you have a dining space off of the kitchen, use some of your extra crown molding to install a chair rail. This not only defines the dining space super cheap, it also adds an air of elegance to any eat-in kitchen space. 

Peel-and Stick Tile

If you’ve never considered peel and stick tile to cover up your outdated vinyl flooring now is the time to do so. Peel and stick tile has come a long way and can fool even the most savvy of designers. You can choose anything from marble to slate finishes, and even choose to grout between the tiles, creating a finished ceramic tile or marble look. This is an especially great trick if you have children, and don’t want to invest in brand new floors only to have them get scuffed up mere weeks later. Visit your local home decorating store or home improvement store and take a gander at the options. Super easy to install, even a layman can install them. Most kitchen spaces only cost about $50 to tile, and it makes a huge difference!

So even for those of us that have to watch the bottom line with an almost religious devotion, these 3 tips and tricks can take your outdated kitchen and make it pop for under couple hundred dollars. You can even do it for less if you keep your eye out for great deals!

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