Ideas for Creating a Cozy Country Bedroom

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A country bedroom contains elements that are both masculine and feminine, making it the perfect type of decor for a bedroom.  If you love the relaxed, inviting comfort that country decorating offers, a bedroom designed in a country theme will be the perfect place to read, relax, and rest your weary body after a long day.  The look is old-fashioned, charming and oh-so romantic.

Muted colors – essential in the country bedroom

The colors you choose for your bedroom determine whether it is a relaxing, tranquil room that invites sleep.  You want to avoid loud, bright colors that are energetic or stimulating.

In country decorating, choose country blue, taupe, butter yellow and cream for a look that is fresh yet soothing.  Green can be used as well, as long as it is a soft shade.  Colors can be mixed and matched, using checks, florals and solids in accents, throws, and rugs.

The right furniture is a must

When thinking of furnishings for your country bedroom, think solid and sturdy.  Pine and oak are beautiful, and lend to the country appeal.  Your furniture will remain neutral if you leave it in a plain wood finish, or you can opt for a distressed look if you prefer a country and shabby chic mix by using white furniture with a worn appearance.

An old iron bed is also perfect in the country themed bedroom; furniture does not necessarily have to match, so choose those pieces you love – you may even have something perfect hiding away in your attic or basement!  If you have a television in your bedroom that looks a bit too modern for the room, hide it away in an armoire where you can still view the screen, but the entire television won’t be out in the open.

Romantic, rustic country fabrics

Cotton fabrics, along with floral and checked prints, are perfect in the country bedroom.  Light cotton window treatments provide privacy, but let plenty of sunshine in during daytime hours.  Consider a floral covering for the nightstand; this adds a romantic flair, and is perfect when topped with a candle and small old-fashioned table lamp.

Light cotton also makes for an ideal bed canopy. The coverings for the bed may be a thick down comforter in a country design or even an old quilt that has been passed down through the family for years.  Top it with plush quilted throw pillows, and the bed is the focal point of the room.

Consider adding faux or real wood beams to the ceiling for an additional splash of country interest.  Walls may be painted white or country cream and you may want to use a simple damask pattern on an entire wall for an updated look.

Creating a country bedroom is easy, and you can use many of the things you already have, especially those that hold sentimental value.  Family heirlooms, flea market finds and everything “old” looks inviting and comfortable.  Have fun decorating your relaxing country haven.

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