How to Upgrade Your Kitchen Without Spending a Dime

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It’s easy to get caught up in the expensive aspects of home
decorating. From endless TV shows to magazines and websites, the flood of
information encouraging you to buy things to make your home better abound.
However, if you have found that your dime doesn’t stretch very far, or you’ve
rubbed two pennies together and still don’t have enough dough to re-do your
kitchen, these FREE tips can make any space look brand new.

Scour the Fridge
& Take a Walk in the Yard

One of the most noticeable accessories you find in beautiful
rooms is an elaborate centerpiece or gorgeous fresh flowers. If you don’t have
the money to spend for fresh flowers or a centerpiece look to the fridge and
your yard for alternatives.

Your fridge can offer a plethora of fresh fruit options to
make a unique and bold statement. A bowl of bright green pears or lemons can
freshen up any space. Your backyard (even if it isn’t abloom with gorgeous
stems) can still offer some large sticks for arrangement in an oversized
hurricane. Even some simple roses, daisies or greenery can add the perfect
touch to your breakfast bar.

Clean Up After

While staying organized may not cost you anything, it does
take concerted effort and a little time. A clean and tidy home is one that
seems more open, more inviting, and better taken care of. This principle goes
double for the kitchen. Cluttered countertops make your kitchen’s usable space
feel cramped, and disorganized cupboards and pantries make for a frustrating
process come dinnertime.

The easiest way to make sure everything stays in its place
is to create prep stations on your counter space. Keep all the sharp knives
next to the cutting boards for easy access, and stack the plates next to the
stove for dishing and serving. Make sure that you keep any unnecessary clutter
like junk mail and odds-and-ends in your office space. If it has no use in the
kitchen it shouldn’t be there!

Get Crafty With

If you like the look of books on your countertop or need to
have certain boxes or bins out at all times, then consider adding labels in a
creative and cohesive way. Cover boxes in light butcher paper and stencil the
titles on the side. If the titles bore you, then get creative and use simple
stencils to create your own titles.

Play with words and phrases like meats, nibbles, sweet tooth
, or soup-sensational. These
small and free touches can make necessary kitchen clutter work well! Also, it
can make people wonder where your inner Martha Stewart has been hiding all this

Repurpose with

Always, look for what you already have around your house
before stepping out into the retail jungle. You may be surprised how a stray
box of wine corks, that old glue gun from your jewelry making days, or that
doily collection can come in handy. Search for unique ideas online and put some
of your garage junk to much better use.