How to Reuse Wedding Memorabilia to Decorate Your Home

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You don’t need to get rid of all your wedding memorabilia or store it away where you can’t even see it. You are going to be decorating your new home with your spouse, so why not reuse all your wedding mementos in the process. Here are some unique ways to incorporate your wedding items into your décor.

Decorate with Your Wedding Pictures
Decorate your home with items from your wedding the easy way: by framing your favorite wedding pictures and using them as decorations. You can either hang them up on the walls, or place them on a shelf, a table, or a fireplace mantle. Another option is to blow up your favorite portrait. Then you can hang it above the fireplace or on a wall in your bedroom. You might also create a collage out of a few different wedding shots along with pictures from your honeymoon.

Make a Shadow Box with Your Wedding Memorabilia
Create a unique addition to your décor by gathering your wedding items together and displaying them in a shadow box. Add things such as your invitation and/or program, any leftover favors, a piece of the wedding dress, and dried flowers. Assemble these items together however you like and then place the box on a shelf or hang it on the wall. This makes a great decoration piece for your bedroom and will remind you of your wedding every day.

Decorate with Your Wedding Flowers
You can always make potpourri from dried flower petals if you used real flowers for your wedding. Find a decorative basket or vase to place the dried flowers in and add essential oils, and you will have a sentimental decoration to add to any room in your home.

If your flowers at your wedding were fake, then you have many more decorating options. Leave them the way they are, placing them in a vase or basket, for an instant decoration for the home. Or you might choose instead to alter them a bit. You might combine a number of different bouquets from the wedding into one large flower arrangement or split them up into two slightly smaller ones. You can add instant color and brightness to just about any room of the house when you use these flowers in the décor. Best of all, every time you walk by, you will be reminded of your wonderful wedding day.

Make a Decorating from the Wedding Dress
If you’re not planning to reuse your wedding dress, you always have the option of making it into an easy and attractive home décor item. This works just as well with a bridesmaid’s dress—providing you have someone who’s willing to part with her dress after the wedding. Once you’ve taken a piece of fabric from the dress, wrap it tightly around a canvas or even a picture frame. Then secure the whole thing with a nail gun and, presto, you have a nice fabric décor item to hang on the wall. You can really add some style to a bedroom by hanging one of more of these pieces on the wall.

If you’re trying to decorate your home on a newlywed’s budget, it’s best to work with what you have. By reusing your wedding memorabilia, you can create unique decorations that have a lot of emotional impact.

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