How to Organize Your Nursery on a Budget

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When a new baby enters your life, you are filled with wonder, amazement and joy; however one thing is bound to go out of your life, organization. From the constant need to change diapers and outfits to the short attention span your little one has with his or her toys, there will always be a trail of evidence that you have a baby in your home.

It’s good to know that without much investment and with a few simple tricks you can make clean up quick and easy, by incorporating some inexpensive ways to store and organize your nursery.

Re-use old furniture 

Most of us have left over furniture items in our garage or storage. Usually, we associate those items with rooms they never looked good in, or file them under “ugly things that Aunt Eunice gave”, but the truth is that with a can of paint and a little love, you can turn those furniture pieces into wonderful storage units. If you have an old bookcase, paint it with colors that match your nursery, invest in some cheap baskets from a second hand store and presto- you have a chic storage unit.

Buy under crib shelving 

Finding places that would otherwise go un-used is another way to de-clutter your nursery on a dime. You can get a custom shelving system on wheels if you have an unusual-sized crib, but for standard crib sizes you can easily order some sliding drawers that fit under the crib. Some cribs come with these for just a few dollars more if you add them to your order. They roll out easily and hide toys and clothes from sight. If an entire drawer isn’t in your budget, baskets or even oversized plastic salad bowls that fit your décor are inexpensive ways to hide away common nursery spillover.

Baby Hangers go a Long Way 

Something as simple as investing in a bunch of plastic child hangers which range from $1-$5 a bundle can help provide some much needed organization to your closet. Also, if you’re an organized person in general save all of those hangers that you get from your baby shower. They usually have the age of the clothing on the hanger. These can come in handy when you want to organize by age, or to clean out the closet freeing up room for a new set of sizes instead. 

Clean and organize clothes for storage 

Your child will have loads and loads of cute clothes- so much so, that the chances are he may not get to wear all of them before he outgrows them. Since every child grows according to his own time line, save your grocery bags. The next time you begin noticing that your child’s onesies are a little tight, it’s time for a closet clean out. Take out clothes according to size and put them in a bag marked with the same number. That way if you have another child you can easily pull out a bag marked 3-6 months or newborn for use and everything will already be organized. If you don’t plan on having any more children, you will be doing the successor of your clothes a huge favor!

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