How to Mix Patterns for a Stylish, Beautiful Home

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Decades ago, a majority of homeowners wouldn’t dream of mixing patterns.  A living room would be decorated with floral patterns, stripes, plaids, geometric or abstract patterns, but they were never mixed.  Today, mixing patterns is all the rage – but you have to know how to do it correctly to achieve an appealing look.  Mixing patterns adds depth and interest to any room, and gives it a unique style that is rich and beautiful.

One basic color plus white equals eye-catching

You can easily accomplish a beautiful look for any room by using white and a single color, such as blue.  Paint the walls bold blue, add white furnishings and wall hangings with various patterns.  An upholstered white chair embellished with bold blue flowers is striking with striped white and blue curtains on a nearby window.

Throw in an ottoman with geometric blue and white design; add some wall art and you have a spectacular room!

Bold, vibrant color plus various size patterns is striking

If you enjoy a bright, cheerful room these ideas are great for the kitchen.  Mix up shades of bold, dark yellow with orange, deep red and pumpkin shades.  A large hanging for one wall filled with big, bold flowers creates a focal point for the room.

Add further interest with a small-scaled pattern, such as a striped or checked runner for the table.  A bright yellow table and chairs gives the room a lift; add a splash of white here and there with smaller accessories such as a vase filled with white daisies or ceramic whatnots.

Coordinate colors for a look that is soft and pleasing to the eye

In the bedroom, think of colors that are directly across from one another on the color wheel, such as red and green.  Then go a bit further and think of colors with a common hue.  For example, pink is a lighter shade of red, yellow shares a hue with green.  Mix patterns and solids in shades of yellow, pink, green and red for a look that is colorful yet soft.

An easy way to mix patterns in the bedroom is with bedding and throw pillows.  A round, oblong sage green pillow, sold bright pink pillow, square plaid combining all of these colors and a flat round pillow decorated with a huge pink and green flower create a look that is interesting and attractive.

For a pulled-together look that is attention-grabbing, mix patterns of small, medium and large sizes which help to maintain balance.

If you remember to coordinate colors and throw in a good mix of solid colors through walls, floors and furnishings, you can mix and match any patterns you like to create rooms that are far beyond ordinary.

The most beautiful rooms are often those in which you let your imagination run wild.  Be creative, and try out those ideas that are floating around in your head.  You just might find that it’s easier than you think to design rooms that are full of texture and interesting patterns!

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