How to Lighten Up a Dark, Richly Colored Bedroom

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A bedroom that has been decorated in bold, rich colors is warm and inviting – and perfect for inducing sleep.  On the other hand, it can look as dark as a cave because of the colors you chose.  How can you retain the ambient, relaxed atmosphere of the room and still cast a little light on the subject?  This article offers some helpful tips and ideas that will allow you to put a few bright spots in your cozy bedroom.

Years ago, people wouldn’t dream of decorating a bedroom in warm shades of pumpkin, chocolate brown, rust, mahogany or dark blue.  Now, it’s all the rage.  Intense color for bedrooms is in, and the look is rich, elegant and appealing.

Be absolutely certain before you paint walls a dark color

If your bedroom is on the small side, it will look even smaller when you paint the walls a deep shade of burgundy or pumpkin.  While the look is beautiful, you may want to stick with a rich medium beige or gray tone for the walls.  Neutral colors tend to make deep, dramatic colors pop.

Flood the room with light, both natural and artificial

One of the easiest ways to let light in to the room is to use window treatments that are light in texture and color.  Dark colored curtains will block some of the natural light so you may want to consider shades or blinds which you can open fully during daylight hours.

The artificial lighting you choose is important as well.  Bedside reading lamps on a nightstand, accent lighting to showcase wall art, and strategically placed floor lamps help add to the ambience while lightening up the mood a bit.  Keep in mind that dark colors absorb light, so it will take more light to compensate for the dark colors in the decor.

Even small accents can make an impact

If you do have dark burgundy walls or for that matter any dark shade, why not display that hip artwork you love so much?  A dark wall is the perfect backdrop for wall art consisting of bright, bold colors.  Abstract paintings, geometric designs, even bold, brightly colored floral prints look amazing against a dark background.

While it may seem minor, removing the clutter from a room will make it appear brighter, simply because it is more open and spacious.  Take away all of the small knick-knacks, and remove tables or other items that aren’t necessary.  The more open you keep the floor, the more spacious and airy the room will appear.

Hang a mirror framed with wood, brass or a gold finish on the wall for additional light.  The mirror will reflect not only the natural and artificial light, but the room itself, making it appear brighter and more open.

Even when you love deep, rich shades for the bedroom don’t be afraid to use small touches of lighter, complimentary or contrasting shades occasionally for an added pop.

These ideas will help you lighten up the overall appearance, while keeping the rich, romantic and elegant look intact.

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