Family Style Decorating: 3 of the Easiest Ways to Make Your Home Kid-Chic

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Let’s be honest, “clean” and “organized” aren’t the two
words most commonly associated with a home where kids live. Even so, that doesn’t mean that any home
filled with children can’t be comfortable as well as chic. As parents, we all
know that the only way to keep our home tidy is to have simple solutions we can
easily implement on a moment’s notice. Here are a few exceptional and simple
ways to keep a home beautiful, yet beautifully apropos for family time.

Be Choosy About
Fabric Choices

No matter whether you are purchasing couches, dining chairs
or duvet covers, when it comes to furnishing a kid-friendly space you must
choose durable, tough fabrics. For upholstery? The tougher the better. For high
traffic pieces? Leather and faux fabrics like micro-suede clean the easiest.

Entertain the idea of purchasing indoor-outdoor fabrics and
furniture for even tougher resistance against spills. Also, stay away from
light colored fabrics even if they are waterproofed or durable. Lighter colored
furniture tends to show stains faster and requires more upkeep.

Have a Place for

If you have a renovation on the horizon it is a great idea
to include built-ins, extra storage, cubbies and ample drawer space into those
plans. Having a spot for all things to be properly put away makes the job of
cleaning messes easy and keeps your home looking flawless.

If you aren’t planning on building any time soon or adding
additional closet space, then invest in an armoire or a tall storage wall that
can house stray toys and supplies. Educating your children about how to put
their toys away after playing with them is an invaluable lesson for them to
learn as well as a major asset to a clean home.

Skip the Priceless

Children are hard on things. This is a fact that all parents
come to realize at one point or another. That’s why it is a good idea to not
invest in valuable collectibles. Artwork or sculptures that cost a fortune are
not kid-friendly items, and instead will act like a magnet for mischief.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have unique pieces in
your home, just be sure to choose less expensive items that won’t be mourned if
lost or broken. Searching flea markets for cheap yet unique items is a fun way
to incorporate interest into your home without causing concerns about lost

Ultimately, if you are the type of person who fawns over
chic decorating magazines and wonders aloud why your home never looks so put
together, then try some of these simple tips. Keeping things in order and
looking fresh is all about having a plan. Choose furniture that fits your
design style, but also fits the hectic cadence of your lifestyle.

Having children doesn’t mean that your home will forever be
a war zone of Nerf footballs and Barbie clothes, but you do want to make your
home a place where your children have the freedom to be themselves and you have
the organization you need to function.