Don’t Be Afraid to Add Color Your Home

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Color has so many effects when used correctly in your home.  Whether you want to create a bright, cheerful atmosphere or one that is totally relaxing, paint can be magic!  Not only can you set the mood of a room, you can visually add more space or make a large, cold looking room appear smaller and more intimate.  The things you can do with a little color are absolutely amazing.

This article will give you ideas on how to create any look you desire using paint and color.  Have white walls and beige carpet?  It may be time to give your rooms a little personality.  Spice things up a little, or transform your bedroom in to a tranquil sanctuary.  Here are a few tips that will help you get started.

Choose Paint Colors According to the Mood You Want to Set
Would you love a living room that is cheerful and exudes energy?  Bright, bold colors lift your mood and make you feel more energetic.  Think about how color affects people.  Bright yellow, orange and lime green are vibrant and full of energy.  If you want a cheery, sunny living room, paint a wall or two bright orange and accent the walls with tropical prints that burst with color.

Want to create warmth and a cozy, intimate feel?  Warm colors are inviting and make people feel welcome.  Deep reds, browns, golds and rusts bring an intimate feel to the room.  Paint your walls a golden brown or terra cotta color.  Furnishings of wood and leather are perfect for this style of décor.  Rich tapestries add texture to the walls, and throw pillows decorated in rich colors add a burst of excitement to a solid colored sofa.  The Tuscan style of décor is a perfect example of warmth and intimacy.  The colors of autumn are brought indoors to create the warm atmosphere.

Cool colors offer relaxation for the bedroom and bath.  Think of soft blues and greens.  In the bedroom, keep colors soft and muted – no loud, bold hues!  The colors of your comforter, pillows and curtains should be kept calm and serene.  Sky blue and the pale, soft green are perfect colors to create a tranquil atmosphere conducive to a good night’s sleep.  In the bath, consider sponging light blue and white in cloud patterns on the ceiling – talk about relaxing the stress away!

Visually Change the Size of a Room
Have a living room that’s too big?  While this usually isn’t a problem, really large rooms can look a little cold and stark.  If your walls are all solid white or off-white, consider using a darker shade like golden brown or rust.  Darker colors draw the room in, and give it a more intimate appearance.

Most of us have rooms that are too small.  To make tiny spaces look more spacious, paint the walls and ceilings a light color.  White ceilings open up a room and make it the ceiling appear higher.  You can use color on the walls, just make sure the shades are light.  Cream, pastel peach or fresh yellow are good colors to brighten up the room and make it look larger.  Color can accomplish many things, from setting the mood of a room to visually changing its size!

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