Dining Room Decorating Ideas – Easy and Affordable Ideas for Transforming Your Dining Room

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The dining room is an area where family meals and conversation are enjoyed; when friends visit, this may be the area where you chat or play cards.  You know that your home should be a reflection of your own personal tastes, but you are fresh out of ideas.  The tips below will help you decorate a dining room that is beautiful, original and most of all, affordable.


This is a project that you can handle by yourself, in just a few hours time.  Wainscoting adds depth and character to a room; depending on the type of wood, paint colors and pattern you use, the room may have a completely modern look or you can create old-world charm.

Staining will give your wainscoting a deep, rich look.  You can also weather it by using different techniques to give your wainscoting a worn, antique look or you may want to paint it a bright color for a more modern appearance.


Paint – the good old stand-by for everything.  It’s no wonder that paint is the most popular way to give a room an entirely new look; today, you can do anything with paint, from “weathering” furniture to painting cabinets.  Always remember that light colors expand, while dark colors make the room look smaller.

Don’t be afraid to use bright, bold colors on walls.  Mellow reds, warm oranges and soft yellows create warm, inviting rooms that are relaxing and friendly; if you don’t like the result, it’s easy to change!


All too often, home owners just stick a light bulb in a lighting fixture and think no more about it.  Light gives a room its glow; it creates a warm, welcoming ambiance.  The dining room is where you enjoy relaxing dinners with the family, a romantic dinner with your spouse – or you may use it to work on the household budget, in which case you will need bright light.

Recessed or “canned” lighting in the ceiling is a good option for a dining room, since you can often use dimmer switches that allow you to control the brightness.  Also consider a low-wattage lamp for the buffet, or an elegant chandelier hung directly over the center of the table.  Lighting is especially important in the dining room.

Eye-catching centerpieces

No dining room is complete without an attention-grabbing centerpiece!  Your dining room table can be the focus of the room; depending on your style tastes, you can create your own centerpiece with things you may already have.

Love a simple country look?  Pull out an old cracked pitcher and fill it with wildflowers.  Set it on top of a long runner that spans the length of the table, preferably made of gingham or another fabric that offers country appeal.

A square wicker basket filled with a round pillar candle surrounded by fruit, nuts, pinecones and other things from nature makes a beautiful centerpiece as well.

These ideas are easy to incorporate in your own dining room, and can dramatically change its appearance.  If your dining room is getting a bit drab and you’re ready for a change, use these simple tips – or come up with a few of your own to make the look even more personal!

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