Different Color Combinations to Use When Decorating Your Home

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A common problem faced by homeowners when decorating a room is figuring out what colors to use for the décor. Have you ever visited a paint store? If so, then you have probably seen the hundreds of different colors and shades you have to choose from when designing a color scheme. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by so many choices. Not everyone has an eye for color, and it can be quite difficult to pick out which colors will look good together in a room. If you’re unsure as to what color combinations to use in the décor of your home, then here are five to consider.

1. Brown, Blue, and Cream
This is a great color scheme for practically any room in your home. When using brown, blue, and cream for your décor, you just need to be sure to keep a balance of colors, particularly when applying the dark brown. For instance, you might want to use cream or light blue pillows to lighten up a dark brown couch. Or if your couch is cream colored, you can add some interest with brown and blue pillows. If you can find patterns that include all three colors, you can add even more visual interest to the décor.

2. Shades of Brown and Cream
Whether you’re looking to create a peaceful retreat in your bedroom or bathroom, try using shades of brown and cream. You can choose from anything from dark chocolate brown to an off white or light cream color, as there are a wide variety of shades across this spectrum. Although this color combination closely resembles a monochromatic theme, you can easily add more interest. Simply pair a lighter shade with a darker shade, and that will make the room appear much more lively.

3. Blue and Orange
Colors like blue and orange that lie across from each other on the color wheel are considered to be complementary. When using this color combination, you don’t want to use bright oranges and blues but rather keep the colors muted. You can easily work these colors into a contemporary-styled room by including white or even brown in the mix.

4. Black and White
You can use this classic color combination for practically any room you like. What’s great about black and white is its versatility, meaning it can be modern as well as traditional depending on the pieces you choose to use. Add an accent color into the scheme, such as green or red, to create even more style in a black and white room. There’s no shortage of black-and-white décor items available these days, making this one of the easiest color schemes to work with.

5. Pink and Green
Another complementary color scheme you might try is pink and green, which tends to go well in bedrooms, living rooms, and sun rooms. You want to be sure to add a neutral color like white or cream into the mix. Otherwise, you might end up with too much color in the room. Also be sure to choose colors that are the same shades. Mint green and neon pink, for instance, aren’t going to work well together.

These five color combinations are a great place to start if you’re having trouble coming up with color ideas for your home. When decorating your home, any of these combinations should give you some inspiration. When you use any of these suggestions as a base and then add your own style to them, you can create a unique look for your home.

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