Designing a Kitchen in Blue and White

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The nice thing about using blue and white to design a kitchen is that these colors can be incorporated in many different stylistic themes.  Whether you prefer a country look, contemporary or Americana appeal, you can achieve nearly anything you like with these fresh colors.

Here are a few ideas that will help you create a kitchen that is beautiful, comfortable and inviting.

Shades of blue for any design

The wonderful thing about decorating with blue is that there are so many shades of the popular color.  From gray-blue or country blue to navy or royal blue, you can use those colors that best suit your decor theme.

A country kitchen looks comfortable and rustic when white and country blue shades are used for walls, textiles and other accents.  Navy and white create a look that is modern and dramatic. If you really want to put your creative genius to work, consider a nautical theme for your kitchen!

Creating an Americana kitchen

Today, many people love decorating themes that create a relaxed, worn and nostalgic feel.  With an Americana theme, you can add splashes of red that not only give the room bold color, but create the patriotic feel you desire.

Think about including hand-painted signs, a U.S. flag on one wall, coffee mugs and other crafted items that lend to the look.  Patriotic symbols and decorative plates add to the appeal.

Country charm

Love a country kitchen that brings grandma’s house to mind?  Blue and white are perfect for achieving the look.  Shades of gray-blue or country blue are perfect for counter tops or cabinets.

Hand-woven baskets, daisies, roosters, tin signs for the walls – there are many accents that are perfect in the country kitchen.  White ceramic canisters, white floors and walls and a white tablecloth offer a bright contrast to the blue.

Love a look that is modern or contemporary?

Bold shades of blue contrast with clean white sections to create spaces that are dramatic and make an impact.  White cabinets, marble counter tops and white appliances blend together to create a look that is clean and crisp, yet modern.

Add touches of bold or navy blue through the use of window treatments, a center piece for the table, even a dramatic wall hanging.  A blue glass vase filled with periwinkle, larkspur or white roses adds a punch of color and interest to the room.  Dish towels may be solid blue or patterned in a blue and white design.

As you see, there are many ways that blue and white can be combined to create a kitchen that oozes style and charm.  If you love the look of blue and white, there is no limit to what you can achieve!

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