The Top 3 Secrets You Should Know When Decorating a Room

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You know how it feels when you walk into a well-decorated room? Everything flows well; the colors evoke a mood, and you leave feeling inspired to do the same thing in your home. However, when you get home you have no idea where to begin and can become frustrated trying to create the dream room of your own.

The truth is that well designed rooms don’t happen by accident- they are always well thought out. We asked a top designer what her 3 favorite tricks are when creating a room that others will envy.

1. Pick an Inspiration Piece

This can be something as large as your favorite piece of furniture or a fireplace or even something as small as your favorite book on your mantle. Choose something that you love and use that piece to inspire you for paint colors, accent pieces and overall design aesthetics. Without a direction or a focal point, your vision can easily get muddled. Remember, just because you love the color blue doesn’t mean that you would love an entire room decorated in blue.

You need subtleties to create a feeling of “blue”, which usually involves some bold blue accents but softer paint colors, flooring and lighting. Don’t be afraid of to make use of the power of subtlety when designing a room- if you want “pop” all you need is a piece of art or a throw pillow to accomplish that.

Know your space

Far too often, people fall in love with a piece of furniture that can make a bold statement, but if don’t understand the dimensions of their room, easily making a misstep and purchasing something that won’t fit in the space well.  Instead of providing inspiration they overwhelm the room. Take measurements of your room and bring a rough sketch with you to the furniture store on the day of purchase.

Allow a professional to tell you which pieces will fit well, and which ones will overwhelm. This can keep you from buying furniture that you don’t need and that won’t go with your overall vision for the space.

Personalize it 

Any designer knows that the number one urge any homeowner has when decorating their space, is that they want to feel like it is theirs. Creating a unique atmosphere which reflects your style and personality can be accomplished through decorating alone, but it never hurts to add a personalized stamp to the room. This may mean creating a wall of personal photos- a gallery can make any room seem tailored to you.

If you have an artistic streak, why not try your hand at creating an art piece in the color and style of the room. This can be a wonderful conversation piece as well as a way to take a well-decorated room from just chic to distinctly you. Also, don’t be afraid to re-claim pieces from second hand shops or consignment stores. Buying a lamp which you then stencil with your favorite pattern in the right shade or discovering an old chair that you can recover, are all inexpensive ways to put that personal touch on the space.

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