Decorating Your Home on a Budget – Easy Tips and Ideas That Give Your Home Personality

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In today’s economic environment, many people simply do not have the money for a complete home remodel – but they are tired of the same boring look they have had for years.  Now, you can update the look of your home as often as you like, and the simple ideas below will help make it easy.  Whether you change things up only once every few years, or like to mix it up for every season, the tips below will give you some fresh new ideas.

Paint – cheap but effective

Paint is one of the most cost-effective ways to dramatically change the appearance of your home.  Today, people are using color on the walls in place of white or off-white shades.  Rich shades of honey, pumpkin and other earth tones give the walls an elegant look.  Trim baseboards and door facings in white or other contrasting colors to really set the walls off.

There are many uses for paint other than the walls.  Paint old furniture to give it a new look; stenciling, rag rolling and other techniques add texture and interest.

Make a small room or apartment appear larger

If your living room or apartment seems tiny, there are a couple of easy ways to make it appear much more open and spacious.

Mirrors can work magic for making small rooms look bright and airy.  Place a mirror directly opposite a window for a “sunny” appearance.  You can also place a mirror behind a lamp; the reflection of the light will make the room appear twice as bright in the evenings.

When it comes to furniture and accessories for smaller rooms, keep things light.  Light colored walls and furnishings give the room an open, airy look.  If you cannot afford new furniture and what you currently have is dark, today’s slipcovers fit like a dream and come in countless patterns, colors and designs.

Accessories add up – how to accessorize on a budget

All of those wall paintings and hangings, whatnots which sit on shelves and tables and other accents can really add up to a bundle of money.  Want to know to decorate without breaking the bank?

Art for the walls can be made of anything.  Photos of the family, pictures you have taken of nature, even the artwork of your children.  Or, get out a poster board and go wild with abstract patterns!  You can even cut out those beautiful pictures you often see in magazines, put a glass on top and frame it out.

Make the frames yourself!  This is easily accomplished with a few strips of wood.  The neat thing about this is that you can leave the wood smooth and stain it for an elegant look, or paint the wood then hammer it for a “weathered” effect.

Instead of costly accents to set upon coffee tables and shelves, think nature.  Beautiful stones, branches, dried flowers as well as pine cones and greenery make some of the most beautiful accents you can find.  Place several large bare branches in a large floor vase in a corner for a contemporary look.  Fresh flowers placed in an old cracked pitcher are the perfect touch in a country or cottage setting.

Candles, old books, quilts – there are plenty of imaginative things you can do to give your home a personal touch without spending a great deal of money.

These are just a few ideas that come to mind.  Get those creative juices flowing and you will come up with many of your own unique designs!

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