Decorating the Interior of a Log Home

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Log homes have been around in Europe and North America for over 5,000 years. For some people, it’s a vacation home, but according to the Log and Timber Homes Council, building log homes for year-round living is on the rise.

Decorating a log home is a mite different from a traditional home. Here are five things to consider when choosing the décor for your log home!

Coordinate the Interior with Cabin Sensibilities
Facing the empty interior of your log home may be intimidating, especially if you are new to log home living. That’s a lot of WOOD! But take a deep breath, keep in mind these five tips, and you’ll have the cozy cabin of your dreams in no time.

You don’t need to default automatically to a hunting lodge theme, although too many modern modular furnishings won’t fit with the log cabin aesthetic. There is a middle ground that can be achieved, but balance is key. Keep it warm and inviting. Break up all that wood with soft furnishings and textiles in bright colors. Bold colors that may overwhelm a traditional space could be used to great effect in your cabin. Don’t overlook patterns either.

Getting the Log-Cabin Look
Besides protecting your home’s interior from fading, a stain can provide a splash of color and set the tone for the whole home. You can choose one stain for the interior of the whole cabin, or choose a different stain for each room.

When it comes to hanging pictures or curtains in your home, have no fear! Your pictures will still hang straight even on rounded logs, and any nail holes will be no concern and add to the overall character of the home.

Furniture with Style
Furniture with Mission style sensibilities or Arts and Crafts style pair quite nicely with log cabins. The simple, sturdy construction and symmetrical exposed joinery are a beautiful counterpoint to the hand-hewn character of a log home. There is also the choice of getting the seating upholstered in any color or style you wish, should you choose furniture with cushions and pillows.

A Warm Glow
Lighting in your log home can go a long way to making your interior cozy and inviting. Although the deer antler rustic chandelier is always an option, again, Mission style fixtures can give a modern feel that still feels harmonious with your wood walls. Stained glass shades would cast lovely colors across all that stained wood.

Mix It Up with Fixtures
This is also an opportunity to play with different colors of fixtures, like a warm copper or bronze. Again, what may be too bold or overwhelming in a traditional house may be the perfect balance in a log style home. You can try this with everything from hardware on your furniture to lighting fixtures.

The best thing about decorating the interior of your log home is the array of options you have available to make it a cozy retreat for your and your family.