Decorating in a Contemporary Style

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ContemporaryFor those who like to keep current with the styles and designs of today, a contemporary style might be the perfect décor choice for your home. Nowadays, contemporary styles have shifted and are no longer as cold and unwelcoming as they once were. Contemporary styles nowadays tend to be comfortable, lighter, and very welcoming.

So what exactly is needed to create that contemporary look? The basic components of this design style are simplicity, clean lines, and sophistication. Focusing on shape, size, and color is the key to any contemporary style. What will result is a fresh, sleek look that will fit just about any room in the home. If a contemporary style seems like the décor choice for you, here are some other important features to consider.

Contemporary Color Choices for Your Room
Contemporary styles tend to incorporate mostly neutral colors, although modern variants are adding more colors such as blues and greens into the mix. Traditionally, black is often the color used to ground the décor, creating a base for the look. Choose neutral tones such as light gray, white, or light tan for your walls.

One new trend in contemporary styles revolves around monochromatic themes. This means you choose one or two complementary colors, such as green and blue, and then you work only with those colors, adding a neutral color such as black or white here and there. Thus, for instance, you may coordinate white pillows with a modern light-blue chair.

Accentuate the Lines and Geometry of the Room
Essential to contemporary style is distinct lines in the design. To create definite lines in your décor, you might look to including some geometric shapes or keeping the windows bare in the room. Don’t overcrowd the space. You need each and every piece to stand on its own and not get shuffled in with everything else.

Choose Sleek and Modern Furniture
For contemporary furnishings, look for sleek and modern pieces that have geometric patterns. Rather than a big plush, comfy sofa, you might go with a sleek wrap-around sofa with exposed peg legs for that contemporary look. Choose furniture that’s upholstered in neutral tones such as white, black, tan, and gray. You can also consider purchasing contemporary wood furniture. Avoid furniture with frilly accents or pillows, or pieces with skirts or trim on the bottom.

Contemporary Décor That’s Basic, Bold, and Functional
Remember, with contemporary style, less is more. In other words, you need to eliminate the small, cute, little things and focus on larger objects. Avoid any floral or paisley prints, as well as fringes and ruffles.

When it comes to contemporary décor, go basic, bold, and functional. For instance, a simple large candle on a dish may be all that’s needed on a shelf or table. Another contemporary accent might be a glass vase with colored balls or marbles. However, limit those accents to one per surface area. Some surfaces, such as side tables, don’t need anything on them.

Contemporary style can create a great look for practically any room in your home and can be achieved with something as simple as new  living room or bedroom furniture accents. However, do be sure this is the style you want, as it is hard to incorporate contemporary pieces into other decorating themes.

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