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Living RoomFinding the exact style you want can be difficult, whether you are moving into a new home or have decided to redecorate. The choices seem vast. Do you go with paint or wallpaper? Carpet or hardwood floor? Dark colors or light? There are literally hundreds of options to choose from when it comes to decorating your home.

It’s advisable to start by doing some research. It’s never a good idea to rush into the first idea you have for a room. After all, it may not work out or you might end up finding something you like a lot better. You need to figure out exactly what you’re looking for, and that means finding inspiration. Not sure where to look for your inspiration? Here are several ideas to get you started.

Decorating Books and Magazines
Thinking about wood office furniture for your home office but don’t know where to start? Visit your local library to look through its collection of decorating books and magazines. Plan to spend some time really looking over these books. Once you’ve narrowed down what you want, you can then take some of them home to really pick out your favorites. These books can be very inspirational and will also help you expand your knowledge about interior decorating. Keep in mind, however, that just because a picture or design is featured in a book does not mean its functional for every family. Simply take these ideas and images, and use them as inspiration in creating your own functional designs and style.

Design Shows on Television
If you get cable, you might want to consider watching channels such as HGTV every once in a while to get some new ideas or inspiration for your home like a wall of wood bookcases or a cherry dining set . There are plenty of shows broadcast at various times of the day that can at least give you some decorating ideas. Another benefit to watching design shows is that most of them will actually demonstrate how to do the things they’re suggesting, making it easy to replicate what you see at home.

Model Homes and Rooms
Explore your city and see if there are any home tours available or model-home showcases you can take a look at. If you’re really lucky, your city will have a model-home showcase in which top interior decorators get together to redecorate rooms and home. These homes are then opened to the public for a small fee, which is usually donated to charity. This poses an extraordinary opportunity to see some great work by interior decorators without having to pay for your own consultation.

Interior Decorator
If you can afford it, you can get great ideas by hiring an interior decorator to come to your home. You can get a lot of good advice during a simple consultation visit, and this doesn’t mean you have to hire the decorator to do the work. Interior decorators generally charge either an hourly price or a flat fee per visit. When you set up the appointment, be sure to ask how they charge and what the estimated total price might be.

You can find inspiration for decorating your home in so many different places. You might simply walk into a store and find a great piece of décor that sparks your imagination. Just remember to take your time and enjoy discovering your own personal style.

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