Creating a Romantic Brown and Blue Bedroom Theme

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The colors brown and blue are perfect for decorating a bedroom in a relaxing, romantic setting.  These colors are neither too masculine or feminine, so they are the perfect choice for a room where you relax, sleep and romance your significant other.

When the right shades of brown and blue are chosen, the look is soothing, soft and comfortable.

Choosing the right shades

The shades of brown and blue you choose are important for creating a romantic bedroom.  Avoid bright, royal blue or brown shades that are extremely dark.  Use medium chocolate brown tones, tan shades, and a soft shade of powdery blue.

Decide on the bed coverings first

Since the bed is usually the focal point of the bedroom, choose bedding in a pattern that is suitable for you and your spouse.  Avoid florals or lacy patterns that may seem a bit too feminine; stick to plaids, stripes or abstract patterns.

You may want to consider buying a bed-in-a-bag or duvet cover, as you won’t spend as much money as you would purchasing all of the pieces separately.

Paint comes next

The walls are the next step in your bedroom makeover.  Decide what color you want to use on the walls depending upon how light or dark you want the bedroom to be.  Keep in mind that lighter colors visually expand the size of the room, while darker colors diminish.

A neutral cream color is a good choice for the walls if you want the room to appear light; if you prefer something a bit darker, use a medium chocolate brown color and paint all trim a cream shade for contrast.


In a romantic bedroom setting, nearly any type of furniture will work.  Wrought iron or wood frames work well; you may even want to use the furniture you currently have.

If the bedroom furniture you have doesn’t lend itself to the romantic look, consider painting it a lighter color and sanding some areas to give it a worn, comfortable look and feel.

Keep the look simple and uncluttered

In a romantic brown and blue bedroom, all you need are a few carefully chosen accents and accessories.  Too many accents or wall hangings can make a room look cluttered, so opt for those things that have special meaning or appeal to you.

The smart thing to do when adding accents to the room is to do so gradually; by adding one thing at a time, you will avoid over-doing it and be able to see how the room looks with the addition of each piece.

Add a few throw pillows to the bed, a romantic lamp on the night table, and romantic lighting to make the room warm and intimate.

Window coverings and accent rugs can be anything you like, as long as they continue the color theme and appear neither too feminine nor too masculine.

Have fun decorating your personal get-away!  With a few creative ideas, you can design a romantic bedroom that is beautiful, relaxing and perfect for an evening together.

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